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Forums Role Playing Seihou's request thread!

Voltie — (They/She) Posted 1 year ago ( 2021/02/9 00:49:20 )

My name is Seihou, and I'm bored. So let's RP!


- I currently have lots of free time for the time being. Though if I don't respond for a while, I usually do my best to give a heads up.

- I suffer from PTSD and depression, so I have some anxiety sometimes.

- I like to talk to people I roleplay with, but I don't mind not talking either! As long as we can communicate about the roleplay at the very least, I'm good with anything really.

-I'm 18+, so there's that. There's no reason for saying that, but I thought people would like to know just because :'D

RP stuff

- I'm (biologically) female, and I like to play as female, usually. Nothing wrong with playing guys, I'm just very picky about who gets to see my precious boy characters. Nonbinary is also cool. I'm not opposed to playing as a different gender if the idea is good enough though. Sometimes I actually do have the urge to play as a boy. We'll see! :>

- I really like romance in the roleplays I'm in. I just really love fluff and good relationships! But of course it doesn't have to be a requirement, I just like my fluff.

- Grammar and spelling isn't a big deal, so long as I can read it.

- I'd like a paragraph at least, but if the roleplay calls for less, I don't mind that either. Whatever works, just no one-liners if we can help it. I do my best to match my partner's style, though I'm bad at describing scenes sometimes.

- I would like to roleplay on forums, but I guess other methods would work too if you're really adamant. ^ ^;

Stuff I'd Like to RP

- Undertale
- Bee and Puppycat
- Teen Titans
- Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
- Studio Ghibli movies (just ask me about which movie!)
- Disney!
- Greek Gods/Goddesses?
- Superheroes
- Anything Detroit: Become Human - esque (a love interest between a human and android would be really interesting)
- Modern fantasy
- Slice of life (with a twist, maybe?)
- Attack on Titan (would like to try playing as canon characters!)
- Samurai Champloo
- Cowboy Bebop

I'll add more to this when I can think of ideas TuT

If you're interested, just message/ping me on this thread!


Voltie — she/her Posted 1 year ago ( 2021/02/9 04:48:47 )
I'm interested!

Lol I can hit many of your requirements including the fluff romance.
I'm practically gushing at ideas for it.
Let's seeee I know Undertale's pretty well including the fan base Alternate universes (Which some of them are fun to play if you got two females leading the save and kicking butt but also falling for the hurt/baddies) XD

Oooor anything you are really in the mood to do. I'm not practically picky on fandoms or settings but I play both, and nonbinary genders quite well.

I also dont mind chatting either! ^w^


Voltie — (They/She) Posted 1 year ago ( 2021/02/9 06:36:48 )

@Alicethemadhatter: Oh my gosh yeeeees, I'd love to do an Undertale roleplay! :D If it was one of the AU's too, that would be really interesting. I really like the Grimmstale AU that the artist Blind Determination on Tumblr was doing their comic on. I like the idea of a ghost Chara accompanying the main character. I also have a huge soft spot for both Chara and Asriel, so I would love to incorporate them into the roleplay if possible! And not gonna lie, I like the idea of having my character get together with Asriel but that's besides the point TuT


Voltie — she/her Posted 1 year ago ( 2021/02/9 14:45:04 )
I dont know a whole lot of the grimmstale Au but ill brush up on it. As for Chara x Asriel that can be do able but he's gonna be extremely shy and fluffy before being alittle nervous and some what brave. I'll play frisk and I usually play frisk as a she so i dont mind many of the ships but just unsure of which one XD.

There's also the idea of mixing Au's so like perhaps the save file got corrupted and frisk appeared in the wrong save with two AU'S?


Voltie — (They/She) Posted 1 year ago ( 2021/02/9 21:35:53 )

@Alicethemadhatter: Honestly I need to brush up on Grimmstale too, it's been a while since I've read it. I forget what was supposed to change in that AU. And that's perfectly fine, I feel like that's how Asriel is anyway :'D And oooh nice, female Frisk is always great. I think I would make my Chara non-binary just because.
If you have any ideas with a ship for your Frisk let me know! I think I can play most characters okay, so I wouldn't mind being the love interest for Frisk if needed O:

ooooh mixing AU's would be a great idea! Which other AU would you want to do? O:


Voltie — she/her Posted 1 year ago ( 2021/02/9 21:49:14 )
Hm i tried brushing up on grimmstale and got alittle idea of what happen.

Um Au's wise probably the happy go lucky/ crazied underswap
i'd probs be okay with frisk being shipped with whatever bone brother X3 or just any au character
I mostly go for main character fandom ships lol.


Voltie — (They/She) Posted 1 year ago ( 2021/02/9 22:11:00 )

@Alicethemadhatter: Ooooh great! I still need to look at it some more, but yeah TuT
Okay for that you'll probably have to give me some examples because I'm a bit slow right now. My brain is kinda fried from sleeping late. D:
Hm, would you be against shipping Frisk with an oc? I feel like I want to play as a male character too O: What if it was another fallen kid that happened to stay with Toriel for a while? Would that be interesting? O:


Voltie — she/her Posted 1 year ago ( 2021/02/9 22:29:32 )
examples of underswap?

Um im not opposed from shipping frisk with a male oc not one bit as long as you send me the details of him. ill be okay with it. I mean chara and frisk will be doing lots of traveling back and forth for Asriel and Oc.


Voltie — (They/She) Posted 1 year ago ( 2021/02/10 00:06:21 )

@Alicethemadhatter: Yeah I guess so? ^ ^; I'm not very familiar with it to begin with.
And okay cool! I feel like I might end up making him either similar to Asriel or something, but not sure. It's hard to tell with my boy characters.


Voltie — she/her Posted 1 year ago ( 2021/02/10 00:37:28 )
Oh it's pretty much like sans is a papyrus and papyrus like a lazy sans X3
nothing all too big minus the sans can be really...yandere in some cases.

Also go wild with your boy XD i dont mind how ever you have the oc.


Voltie — (They/She) Posted 1 year ago ( 2021/02/10 01:07:11 )

@Alicethemadhatter: Oooooh I see now. And okay, I'll have to work on my oc then. Is there anything else we should talk about? Maybe on how the roleplay should start and some background for the characters? O: And do you plan on calling your Frisk as "Frisk", or are you going to change the name? I'm fine either way, I might just stick with Chara staying as Chara probably, with another name too maybe so I'll have to decide


Voltie — she/her Posted 1 year ago ( 2021/02/10 05:05:22 )
If there is something else to talk about just pm me X3
but yess pm me so we can get setting, start and characters planned out and such.

I may call frisk something else but im not sure yet.


Come join me at my lil

Voltie — (They/She) Posted 1 year ago ( 2021/02/10 05:45:53 )

Alright, will do!


Voltie — (They/She) Posted 1 year ago ( 2021/02/19 23:58:13 )


I'm always looking for partners if anyone is interested!


Voltie — (They/She) Posted 1 year ago ( 2021/02/25 00:40:47 )

Added Disney because somehow I forgot to add it?! ^ ^;


Voltie — (They/She) Posted 1 year ago ( 2021/04/8 22:03:35 )

Bump! I'm still looking for partners!


Voltie — (They/She) Posted 1 year ago ( 2021/05/10 18:40:08 )

Bump! Added new ideas for rps!


Voltie — (They/She) Posted 1 year ago ( 2021/05/12 03:03:39 )



Voltie — (They/She) Posted 1 year ago ( 2021/05/16 05:55:55 )

Still looking!


Voltie — (They/She) Posted 6 months ago ( 2022/01/6 11:06:10 )

I went on an unintentional hiatus for a bit, but I'm back and would like to see if anyone wants to RP! :>


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