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@Another Movie Addict: That's pretty accurate. I still think it's a little weird. :3

@MoodyB: Awww - you have a good friend there :3 I hope you don't need to take her up on her offer, but it's nice that she did offer! I'm glad you're doing well, all things considered - it certainly sounds like you're at least being productive with your art

@Ava: For what it's worth, I think it's important to follow your heart and pursue the things that make your heart sing! But I also think that it's not a bad idea to come up with a Plan B either. The thing about pursuing the Arts is that you never know where that line is - your next audition could be your big break!! Fortunately for you, you seem to have support for pursuing your passion so that takes some of the pressure off of "living" :3 ... but maybe taking a class or something isn't a bad idea either?? I wouldn't change anything, physically. Acting and art is sooooo subjective - there will always be criticism of one kind or another, but at the end of the day, you can only be yourself. And there are FAR too many "Barbie Doll" types in acting... and I think that trend is changing to incorporate more "real people" than the stereotypes...

I think I've seen the chocolate - not the candy, though.

oh - that's interesting. I guess it kind of makes sense to go in to coffee as a product... but not really XD

are you talking about tossing a shot of JD in to the coffee or do they have their own brand of actual coffee (about which I know nothing)??

they have some good coffee, actually :3

Good. What kind of coffee are you making? Anything fancy??

Soooooooo......... what are you waiting for? Go make (or get) some coffee!! :3

coffee is pretty much always a good thing, imo :3

good morning AMA. How are you today?

@Ava: Hi Ava! I'm glad things are going so well for you - hopefully a couple of those call backs will lead to the next step really soon!

@MoodyB: So family -who you seem to be surrounded by- didn't offer any help? That's truly unfortunate. :(
I hope you get the time you need :3

Good morning How are you doing today? What's going on in your corner of the world?

@MoodyB: well, you already said it - you're already grieving your mother. :(
I hope you don't need to replace your computer soon, but it sounds like the time is coming fast.

@MoodyB: sorry... got busy doing things. Yeah, I can see where your laptop being all bluescreenish-of-deathish would be sabotaging you a bit with your art. That's really unfortunate :( I hope you can manage to get the technological replacement you're looking for :) Grieving is difficult even in the "best" of situations and losing a parent (in any capacity) is a special kind of torture.

@MoodyB: Yes, I hope your computer lives long enough to replace it too!! :3 Blue screens and the death of computers always seems sudden and a bit shocking... and definitely not convenient! I understand what you mean about it being your "happy place" :3 It sounds like he's in that angry phase of grieving ... and getting really angry! I hope you haven't had too much interaction with him (it doesn't sound like it, fortunately). You have a good perspective on things (that at least she's no longer in pain, etc.), but grief can still be surprising and quite the emotional rollercoaster...