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My timezone is UTC+5.30 Indian Standard Time, Sri Lankan Time. Homebody, RP addict, lover of pixels.


  • Ruby Ruby (4 months ago)

    Awww!! T3T not dramatic at all, I love it <3

  • Ruby Ruby (4 months ago)

    Aww you remember those? ;3; I feel so special thank you for telling me that ;3;

  • Ruby Ruby (4 months ago)

    Aww thanks so much! I’m really surprised I won haha I was just doing it for funsies~

  • Ruby Ruby (4 months ago)

    Your avi is so cute!!

  • Ark Ark (4 months ago)

    Probably :3 I’d post randomly throughout Solia. Mostly sticking to the TS(?), the game forums, and the spam threads.

  • Ark Ark (4 months ago)

    I think I remember seeing your username around Solia. :3


cottagecore, me time, lemony and citrusy desserts, dolls, pressed flowers


sexism, shitty people, loud chewing, louds & crowds


tarot, witchcraft, writing, reading, avatar forums, k-pop, webcomics