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Hi there! I'm Varien, otherwise known as Arcius(Czel/Czela). I work as an artist on a different site, because why not, as well as I work at a local coffee shop in my city, because all of the coffee. I also do art on occasion. I like to lurk a lot

Deviant Art: arciusv
Instagram: arcius_
wysp: arcius


  • xvz xvz (5 months ago)

    aw thanks ^^ the tail is a back item (not leg) so i was trying to figure out how to piece together a body wo using a base lol

  • xvz xvz (5 months ago)

    nice avi ^^ so visually pleasing, i love the green accents!

  • LilMissKushy LilMissKushy (5 months ago)

    Hi there ^.^ what other sites are u on? i seen u say ur a mod on another site.. im always looking to try new avatar sites

  • pachi pachi (8 months ago)

    afdasfjg thank youuu

  • sunny sunny (9 months ago)

    Your avatar is amazing!!

  • Totalanimefan Totalanimefan (9 months ago)

    I think it’s an improvement. If you want to chat in the forums just ping me

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