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aquarius ♒️ genderqueer ⚧ insane

hi! I’m Synth.
I like to draw and chat to
myself in the undercurrent.
I’m not super friendly but I try to be nice :)

I’m 29 and lucky enough to be married to my best friend and love of my life. We have a little chihuahua named Stevie. We’re currently in a rough patch but things are coming along and should be good soon!

I got started on avatar sites with Gaia when I was a teenager. I quickly moved to smaller sites and Solia was my primary home for many years. I’ve been away from the internet for some time but am glad to have found a new hangout on Voltra <3

I’m autistic, and have brain damage/trauma from an abusive childhood. The result is a pretty weird adult. If I say something that upsets or disturbs you it likely wasn’t on purpose. Please feel free to message me to clear things up if this happens!

February 2021

February 2021

January 2020


  • Shark Shark (6 months ago)

    omg thank you !

  • Count Trashula Count Trashula (6 months ago)

    well, ty! ;u;

  • Kittyzilla Kittyzilla (2 years ago)

    No need to thank me i always check on friends if i know there down or sick

  • Kittyzilla Kittyzilla (2 years ago)

    I know you been feeling sick latley. How are you today

  • Kittyzilla Kittyzilla (2 years ago)

    no rush sweetie i know shit happens in the real world so no rush my hours are always changing so i fully know plus i want you to have fun with this

  • Kittyzilla Kittyzilla (2 years ago)

    nope keep it or sell it i actually had extras.


Fallout, Pokemon, eating, Korean variety shows


Work, socializing in person, mean or rude people


Drawing, video games, chilling with my bubby <3