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Posted in ૮ ˙Ⱉ˙ ა rawr!     Posted 1 week ago
@Kozi: That’s exhausting, I hope it pays off!

I haven’t tried them, but keep seeing everyone rave about them. Sounds like you recommend xD

Posted in ૮ ˙Ⱉ˙ ა rawr!     Posted 3 weeks ago
      @nomnomwoobat: oh no I'm sorry, tbh I'd kind of enjoy that over being busy.
      I got a cold and want to just chill and rest, but I got a con to prep for so I've been printing and cutting stickers all day ; - ;
Posted in ૮ ˙Ⱉ˙ ა rawr!     Posted 3 weeks ago
      How's everyone?
      Anything exciting this weekend?
Posted in Wildest Encounters: The Working Person's Edition Posted 3 months ago
That’s brutal. Dx
Posted in Wildest Encounters: The Working Person's Edition Posted 3 months ago
I feel like anyone that’s worked in customer service has a story or two.

During my era as a Michaels employee, there were many. But one was iconic.

Lady makes her way through the line with a photo album and wanted to use a coupon, but the album was already on sale. She was upset that the sale was 30% and she couldn’t use her 50% off coupon. I, as a low life cashier with no authority or power simply explained that we can’t use a coupon on an item that is on sale. She breaks down on me telling me how all her friends are getting married and having babies. How this is her like 4th time that year going to a baby shower. Proceeded to ask me how old I was and ended it with a “well when you turn 30 your life will suck.” Whilst shouting in front of a crowd of people in line just wanting to buy their crafts. Needless to say the manager came by and “honoured” the coupon. *cough* She gained that extra 20% off the photo album, but lost her dignity along with it. ;;;

Another time while working at a coffee shop there was a grumpy regular. One day a lady came in with a baby, who was crying a bit. He started telling her she should leave, because the baby is annoying. She put him in his place and the entire cafe clapped and cheered her on.

The regular proceeded to actually stay there for another hour.

Posted in Happy Belated St. Paddy's Everyone ~ ☘︎ Posted 3 months ago
Update: Vozzy has added it to the shop. Now available to purchase. :)
Posted in Happy Belated St. Paddy's Everyone ~ ☘︎ Posted 3 months ago
Hi Volties,

wishing everyone a happy St. Patrick's Day! It's bit belated, but we got a little something for you all.

St. Paddy 2K23
Located Under Sets -> Knick Knacks
Pixeled by Qteapon
Male Unisex edit by Vozzy
Uploaded by Hadsvich

*Leg accessory can be worn separate as L and R. Mixed and matched.

Extra's will be available to purchase shortly once Vozzy is able to add them to the shop.
You may find them in Ohm My Gosh Imports.
Available for 2 weeks once added.

Thank you for the support and hoping everyone had a pleasant weekend.

Posted in what site theme do you use most? Posted 3 months ago
@Justice: I'm using cirque ad infinitum. It kind of matches with my avi so I'm vibing :3
Posted in hi Posted 3 months ago
@pachi: I had two tiny cavities so they wanted to fill them before they got worse. But I got dental anxiety so < o < it was an emotional roller coaster. I also had to pay for nitrous out of pocket since that's the only way I can deal with the needles (which I also have a fear of HAH)

What did you end up doing yesterday?

@Totalanimefan: That would make sense. I know I leave them open and sometimes it shows me online.
I got a Dalgona Latte for the first time, I altered it slightly though and asked for pudding inside. It was huge portion, I would maybe get smaller next time.

Yeah we met on Solia which actually what started this conversation. We didn't meet till I came to Canada though. I've only met one other person in RL that I met on avatar sites. But she lives in the states so it's slightly different. Actually doesn't play avatar sites anymore either. I hope to meet up with Bean one day, since I used to live in Norway and I go there to visit family.

I think what you said is more common though, a lot of people moved on from online games like that. Or it's mostly mobile games/apps.
Posted in hi Posted 3 months ago
@pachi: she alive again!!!

I'm recovering from dentist right now ;; - ;; was not good ahaaaaaa
Posted in hi Posted 3 months ago
@Totalanimefan: you were showing up as online at the time so I thought you were around. No worries though, we were just hanging out at a bubble tea cafe.
Posted in hi Posted 3 months ago
@pachi: did you catch your train? I missed mine 🥲
Posted in hi Posted 3 months ago
@pachi: should save for shaved ice
Posted in hi Posted 3 months ago
@pachi: at least it was $3…