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Q t e a p o n oink

Q t e a p o n's Avatar



Q t e a p o n // pompon-chan // hippopon
Status // Taken
Pets // Puffy Petunia the Cat
I draw // I like to draw // I always draw

Bg credit: Hazer


  • LupaPrinceRomulus LupaPrinceRomulus (1 day ago)

    Did you hear of Pillowfort, yet?
    Some of us may have some ideas on what to do when their next update happens.

  • LupaPrinceRomulus LupaPrinceRomulus (2 days ago)

    I just know that you don't always know whether or not the drought's either man-made or based on trying to fix on-site damages without spending enough time on-site first.

  • LupaPrinceRomulus LupaPrinceRomulus (2 days ago)

    At least the site is trying to fight it out with its artist drought, it really sucks that other similar sites aren't giving nearly enough effort against it either.

  • User User (4 days ago)

    omg hi sunshine :') <3

  • LupaPrinceRomulus LupaPrinceRomulus (5 days ago)

    Yeah but don't forget, finding willful recruits for Voltra artists has gotten harder than it needs to be, these days.
    Recruiting off-site to here, even more so.

  • star2000shadow star2000shadow (1 week ago)

    your avi is just so CUTE.

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