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I can't stop thinking about french fries


  • Totalanimefan Totalanimefan (2 weeks ago)

    I like your about.

  • Laufeia Laufeia (3 months ago)

    Love the avi. You look magical.

  • Saeyra Saeyra (3 months ago)

    Oh, alright. Nah I am not them :)

  • Saeyra Saeyra (3 months ago)

    nope, why? is my art showing up there?

  • SirLionelNigelConrad SirLionelNigelConrad (3 months ago)

    Hope you are feeling better and things calm down in your life.

  • Bean Bean (4 months ago)

    sorry! ive been afk and it seems like its been keeping me online without knowing xD im so sorry for the wait! I accepted the trade now ; w;

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