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MoodyBats Moody

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Map Of The Soul 7 Interlude-Shadow


Hello and welcome to Moody's Profile.
I've been on avatar sites for a long time. Probably since 2008?
I've changed my username a couple of times since then.
I'm mostly known however as FuuChan Or Mirella[though Mirella was a temporary name so not many will know me by that].

I changed my name due to I wanted to kickstart a freelance career and wanted a name more me.
Please do not call me by my old usernames, Thank you.

I am a digital artist, I love K-pop and am multi-fandom.
Not too much to tell about myself, so feel free to message or comment below
if you want to get to know me better.


  • Amber Lynne Amber Lynne (3 months ago)

    Just wanted to let you know that I just locked your mini shop thread. If you ever wish to have it opened again, just as one of us mods, and we'll do so. ~

  • inatlaka inatlaka (4 months ago)

    loving da avi <3

  • Shark Shark (10 months ago)

    love your avatar!

  • Baku Baku (11 months ago)

    Oh that sounds lovely!

  • Baku Baku (11 months ago)

    Yeah Im pretty lucky
    Hey thats good though! What did you end up making?

  • Baku Baku (11 months ago)

    Thanks! Yeah its been super stressful. But my guy helps me relax a lot thankfully.
    Aww well make sure youre getting enough rest and food and water.


Digital art/painting, K-Pop, Coffee, Fashion, sims 4, cartoons, cats


Toxic people, trolls, cold weather, Negativity/Negative people


Art, K-pop[just ask], sims 4