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Hello everyone, I am MoodyBats but you can just call me Moody. A little about me is I've been around avatar communities
since 2008 but not under this username. I am most known for going by Fuu-Chan/FuuChan.
However I changed my username to MoodyBats[on Social Media Moody_Bats]because
I wanted to make a new name for myself as well as start thinking of my art brand name.
And thus MoodyBats was born.

I am a digital artist and working towards being a freelance artist and hopefully
one day my hard work will pay off and I will have my own merch. That is my dream for my art.

Other than art, I love k-pop.
K-pop has helped me a lot, especially with my mental illnesses[anxiety/depression].
The groups and idols I love are; Monsta X, Got7, Stray Kids, Ateez, Seventeen, BTS, Sunmi, Amber Liu, Red Velvet, blackpink, and day6.

I lurk all the time around the forum so don't be afraid to strike a conversation with me anytime by any means.


  • inatlaka inatlaka (1 month ago)

    loving da avi <3

  • Shark Shark (7 months ago)

    love your avatar!

  • Baku Baku (8 months ago)

    Oh that sounds lovely!

  • Baku Baku (8 months ago)

    Yeah Im pretty lucky
    Hey thats good though! What did you end up making?

  • Baku Baku (8 months ago)

    Thanks! Yeah its been super stressful. But my guy helps me relax a lot thankfully.
    Aww well make sure youre getting enough rest and food and water.

  • Matcha Matcha (8 months ago)

    The profile is almost as cute as your avi right now!


Art/Drawing, K-Pop, Monsta X, Coffee, Fashion,


Ignorant/Inconsiderate people, Negativity, Depression, Anxiety, rudeness, Toxic People


Art, K-pop,


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