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Hey im milk and super lame.
♡ Im 23 I've been on avatar sites since I was probably like 12 or something. Gaia (boobaes) was my first and I moved on to a few, Syndrone (CaptainAzka/Milkii) was home until it died so then I went off to Sapherna (Milkii/Cotton Tail), and now I live here lol. Relatively active on Gaia and I still come back to Recolor (Milkii) sometimes.
♡ I love Pokemon, Overwatch, Bojack, Dr Who, Anime, Dead by Daylight, makeup, drawing, music, space, and anything horror related! I'm a Libra sun, and Leo Rising! I don't really know my moon unfortunately. I'm also genderfluid :).
♡ I'm very shy and reserved nowadays but please talk to me! I spend lots of my days gaming on Xbox (milkiimoo) lately and doing crafts when I can! I enjoy any interaction here, and try my best to be friendly ;3


  • Totalanimefan Totalanimefan (4 months ago)

    Congrats to you. I saw your thread ^^

  • Ruby Ruby (10 months ago)

    Ah yes, the conservative town conundrum lol. That could either be more stressful or more fun (depending on the day). Do you have fun with it sometimes or is it just annoying? xD

  • Ruby Ruby (10 months ago)

    Oh nice! I wish I had that much style IRL haha

  • Ruby Ruby (10 months ago)

    It really does! I look forward to seeing what you make with it if you do :D
    I love your current avi btw!

  • Ruby Ruby (10 months ago)

    Oh thanks! And you’re good! It’s all commons :3 Ahoge hair and Messy Bun Strands (I separated those a while ago to add to other hair, I just love them xD)

  • Justice Justice (11 months ago)

    hehe tysm!~