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Lilypoo Lily

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Lily ❋ 27 ❋ Lead IT & Assistant Admin

Don't hesitate to ping or PM me if you need any help!
Check our Item Museum for a catalog of all our non-common items!
Go here if you have any concerns about it!
Make sure to let us know about any item layering issues/glitches here or
in the Discord channel! Ping me for faster responses!

♥ Happily Engaged ♥
♥ Furmom ♥
♥ Chronically Ill ♥
♥ Also Chronically Fabulous ♥
♥ Book Nerd ♥
♥ Ravenclaw ♥
♥ Marvel & DC ♥
♥ Starbucks Obsessed ♥

♥♥♥ I lost my mom on May 11, 2019. May rest in everlasting peace and happiness. ♥♥♥


  • Miss Sandman Miss Sandman (1 day ago)

    Yes we are in the cheese army together!!!! >w<

  • Miss Sandman Miss Sandman (1 day ago)

    I just read the word cheese on you profile and iam like, yes girl you know how to live :D Cheese is life!

  • inatlaka inatlaka (2 days ago)

    jejejej <3 <3

  • inatlaka inatlaka (3 days ago)

    Love the avi

  • Reanna Reanna (2 weeks ago)

    Omg, an admin!! I love it! I love you!! Congratulations!!

  • Anarchist Beauty Anarchist Beauty (4 weeks ago)

    XD I'm dying, omg.


rainbow farts


not being able to fart rainbows


farting rainbows on items


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