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Kory They/Them

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Art by Nephila!
I'm a proud hamster mom and my little girl is a silly ham ham with a big personality!


  • Rei Ann Rei Ann (3 hours ago)

    Well I knew you were busy with irl so I wanted to make sure to get you something. I’ll send over the trade. ^^

  • Rei Ann Rei Ann (1 day ago)

    Did you manage to get a event set? If not I have a bundle for the event I can send your way.

  • Vegan Vegan (2 months ago)

    HEY! Happy Mothers Day Kory! Good to see you. I've been online once in a while, but, been very busy with life. Thanks for checking in. How are things going for you? :3

  • Rei Ann Rei Ann (2 months ago)

    It just takes time. It took me years to get some sense of settled.

  • Rei Ann Rei Ann (2 months ago)

    Well I get that, thankfully right now I’ve been blessed with steady waters.

  • Rei Ann Rei Ann (2 months ago)

    Sounds good, hope things have been good on your end.