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Posted in Inventory Item menus Posted 3 days ago
@Totalanimefan: I prefer not to say at this time, especially with an unofficial post where the entire community is not informed. I can discuss with admins and our developer to see if we can gather information for an upcoming Surge, but I'd rather not give a date/time of launch with the uncertainty of our development power and availability.
Posted in Inventory Item menus Posted 4 days ago
@spookyfangula: Hello! Thanks for making us aware of any concerns you have. Nothing to worry about, just a small hiccup! We've just started our transfer of a major avatar closet and inventory manager update, so this is causing an overlap with the old inventory that you all are currently using as staff finishes up testing and last updates. We will be rolling out this update soon!
Posted in The Surge: Summer '20 Plasma Orbs! Posted 5 days ago
@Totalanimefan: Yes.

The surge has been updated to reflect the correct month of the Fall Plasma Orb release and new collectors set, that being August 25th.
Posted in Help with Linking Items in Post Posted 6 days ago
@Ariella74: Can you explain a bit more what you are trying to achieve?
If you want to grab a link you just have to right click and "copy image address" or one of the other options depending on what you're working on in the forums. Are you putting together a quest thread or shop?
Posted in The Surge: Summer '20 Plasma Orbs! Posted 6 days ago
Woot Woot! So excited for the new Plasma Orbs.
I hope you all have lots of fun with these amazing new items!

If you encounter any layering or other item related issues please report them in Pixel Perfect: Item/Layer Reports thread.
Posted in Help with Linking Items in Post Posted 6 days ago
@Ariella74: If youd like to do a spoiler such as:

You can use the following code:
[spoiler=Spoiler Title][/spoiler]

We also have short cuts for you next to the reply box.
Posted in Bases Gone Posted 7 days ago
@skettiyeti: Our Admin and Item Tech organizer, Lily, responded to the same issue here. The issue should be fixed, but please let us know if it's not. Also try clearing your cache.
Posted in Bundle/RIG contents in Ohm-My-Gosh Imports? Posted 1 week ago
@Addy: Hi! Your feedback is much appreciated. I completely agree these additions would be great. We hope to focus on other projects, such as renovate our shops, after the avatar inventory system update is completed. We are very close!
Posted in Just found a band called Fozzy Posted 1 week ago
Too funny! I have no musical talents what so ever, unless you count my little blimp in 6th grade choir! xD

My name Fozzy actually came from way back when before Voltra started with an old staff team and we had a theme of the muppets names already being thrown around, so they chose one for me. And thus, Fozzy of Voltra was born! I should change my name to Vozzy...
We have some exciting previews, especially with the Summer '20 Plasma Orbs right around the corner!
Posted in I feel like the site needs Posted 2 weeks ago
@Jessibuns: Thanks for the feedback! We aim to expand our common selection of each shop with our monthly Common Surges (announcements) on the 15th of every month. Typically around 10 new items in total is what we try to release with the monthly installments. On top of the common shops we have a large selection of monthly and event items which you can obtain by trading and questing in the forums. And if you haven't been introduced to it yet, the Item Museum is a great resource for looking through our complete item catalog to find other clothing items that may interest you.
Posted in Organizing shop items Posted 2 weeks ago
@grost: You'll see with the inventory system update that we're introducing tabs for organization that we hope to bring over to the shops feature. So, yes, this is something we've thought of and it should be doable.
Posted in Question about the status of games Posted 3 weeks ago
@Crystalkitsune85: We've touched on game development updates in our community discussions since February. As of right now we've looked into a few other game options beyond Blackjacks, but have not pursued them at this time. Blackjacks is still in development graphics wise, but we do have the game functions completed. With the release of new games we are also designing an official arcade page which will bring it's own unique currency and a prize pool. If you'd like to hear more from staff and what the community has had to say on this topic definitely check out the past 2-3 Community Discussions which you can find links to the recordings and outlines in announcements by Mayor Volkan title "Community Discussion" in the News and Updates forum.

Just a side note, we are aware of our lurkers and during events users can play jigsaw for event currency. This is something we hope to continue in the future and even with the new games.
Posted in Hello (●´ω`●) Posted 3 weeks ago
@strawberrykitten: Welcome to Voltra! Many avatar site refugees have found our community to be quite comfortable to call their new home. I hope you find the same and enjoy what our Volties and Voltra have to offer! We're still growing and hope to introduce new features as the site grows. Thanks for joining us on our adventure, Strawberry!