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Hello! I'm Kai, 21, and I'm terrible at socialising.
Obsessed with Obey Me! and Belphie is my favourite!
I love cats and anime, and I like to make stuff!
I'm part of the Virgil fan club, we love our grumpy dude UwU.
My favourite anime right now are:
Sword Art Online
Yuri!!! On ICE

my main twitter
my OM twitter
my tumblr

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  • Shampoo Shampoo (3 months ago)

    No worries! I’m late as well

  • Eruca Eruca (6 months ago)

    Hi Kai! I'm mad about Obey Me too and made a thread about it in the entertainment board.
    Come rave about Belphie~ or whoever ;)

  • Shampoo Shampoo (8 months ago)

    Thank you for replying to me!! ^ v ^ ✨

  • Shampoo Shampoo (8 months ago)

    What is all of the names of your items you are wearing?? Because I want to find them and purchase them 909

  • ladykazumi ladykazumi (8 months ago)

    i know $15 is a lot for manga sp i can't get it often sadly

  • Ruby Ruby (8 months ago)

    Awesome thanks! :D I've been going thru all the none commons so much this week getting my quest thread all set up I didn't recognize the commons you had on xD


Cats, Music, Techy Stuff, Spooky Stuff, Miraculous!, Anime, Obey Me!


Loud Noises, Unless Its My Music


Art, Sims 4, Creating Stuff