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Forums Entertainment I just finished watching Beastars!

Artist — certified cutie Posted 3 years ago ( 2020/04/13 03:09:54 )

im so confused, i dont know how to feel about it
like i have to watch season 2 jsut to understand whats happening oml

did you guys like the anime?
if you haven't watched it yet, just a fair warning its a little nsfw..

no one told me about that so it made me a little uncomfortable when it happened xD


Donator — They/Them Posted 3 years ago ( 2020/04/13 03:23:55 )
♪ (/・。・)/ Sweet dreams.

I haven't watched it but I heard people saying good things about it. Not sure if I want to watch it first or not.

Donator — They/She Posted 3 years ago ( 2020/04/13 03:46:45 )

I haven't watched it either but from what I see on twitter (especially the Furry community) they say it is spectacular lol.



Artist — certified cutie Posted 3 years ago ( 2020/04/13 05:00:11 )

So far it's pretty good, but plot wise it's kind of confusing? Maybe reading the manga will help, but I tend to only watch the anime


Donator — Divine Posted 3 years ago ( 2020/04/13 08:15:31 )

I really liked it :)


°<°art by Keturah🖤🦖🖤

Voltie — Lil' Birb Posted 3 years ago ( 2020/04/13 08:51:22 )
I watched a few weeks ago and I really enjoyed it! Each episode ended at a cliffhanger and made it hard to stop haha xD

Art by Uncledaddy!

Donator — Whatever Posted 3 years ago ( 2020/04/13 11:53:56 )
Welcome to Trilia Island!

I read a review calling it what Zootopia should've been like

Kit's island getaway is very quiet~


Donator — ♥? Posted 3 years ago ( 2020/04/13 20:59:06 )
I personally really enjoyed it.
I can’t wait to see season 2, just bc I’ve seen some spoilers from the manga
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Donator Posted 3 years ago ( 2020/05/20 19:07:05 )
I really think it's not for me... The publisher sent me a free copy of volume 1 of the manga to review on my book blog, and I thought the art looked neat from the front cover, but my impression was that it was just dark, but not in a good way... Like, maybe the wolf is the main character, but he didn't seem like a "good guy." Everyone was kind of villainous. They were vicious to each other, whether they were spreading rumors or making fun or physically threatening each other. It just gave me a bad feeling.

I watched two episodes of the anime and I just couldn't find anyone to "root for." So I'm going to pass on any further manga or anime episodes, I think. It's just not my kind of thing.

Donator — they/them Posted 3 years ago ( 2020/05/21 05:21:48 )
════════ ∘◦ᵒ .⋆。˚☽˚。⋆. ᵒ◦∘

@alethna: i really liked it ^^ i didn't know what to expect but was pleasantly surprised by it. the slow burn is so well written, i'm excited for s2.

what did you find confusing? / what do you feel mixed about?

are you referring to when she takes off her clothes near the beginning of the season? lol i was really surprised by that too since i didn't know what it was going to be about

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Artist — certified cutie Posted 3 years ago ( 2020/05/23 03:46:07 )

@xvz: thats definitely part of why i was confused xD


Donator — they/them Posted 3 years ago ( 2020/05/23 06:19:34 )
════════════════ ∘◦ᵒ .⋆。˚☽˚。⋆. ᵒ◦∘

@alethna: oohh

like why she had the relationship to sex that she did ?
i feel like it was this idea of like,
if at any moment she could die (get eaten), she has to carpe diem yk?

∘◦ᵒ .⋆。˚☽˚。⋆. ᵒ◦∘ ════════════════

Artist — certified cutie Posted 3 years ago ( 2020/05/23 15:50:47 )

i thought it was more like a control thing. like where her sex life was the only real aspect she can control. i guess it is kind of a carpe diem thing too


Donator — they/them Posted 3 years ago ( 2020/05/23 20:22:12 )
════════════════ ∘◦ᵒ .⋆。˚☽˚。⋆. ᵒ◦∘

@alethna: ooh i can definitely see that!

i think it's interesting how like - usually w female characters sex appeal/appearance is used to objectify
but i really like this concept of haru being able to use it as power/control??

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Donator — 0% Edible Posted 3 years ago ( 2020/05/26 21:51:33 )
Leave him alone

Every furry I know has been going nonstop about Beastars, and normally I steer clear of shows that get so much hype. Nothing will ever live up to its hype. Anyway I got curious enough to give it a go. It's okay. Nothing to write home about though. Like the characters are flat and bland as Hell. Legoshi has a little bit more personality than Haru, but not by much. Like in one episode she inner monologues about how he accepts the real her. Who the fuck is the real her? And yea the show is edited in a way that you can definitely tell that they cut a whole bunch of shit out. Which can be a little bit jarring at times, especially with that ending episode. No one's actions make a lick of sense. I'll probably watch season 2 anyway, to see if any of the problems get fixed. Don't think those problems will get fixed though.

I just prefer other racism allegories instead. Zootopia being one of those things, and X-Men. The message doesn't completely override the characters into nothing.

he's a harmful old man

Voltie Posted 3 years ago ( 2020/06/4 00:52:54 )
It was a better anime than I expected. I read the manga after I watched the first season and I like the manga a lot more. I definitely didn't expect it to get so borderline (?) NSFW sometimes, though.
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Donator — She/Her Posted 3 years ago ( 2020/06/11 02:05:09 )
I liked it a lot. I didn't mind the NSFW stuff because of the way the characters' stories were unfolded throughout the series, so they explained enough to know why things were the way they were.

I'm definitely looking forward to season 2. I didn't know there was a manga, so miiiight take a peek at that before season 2 comes out.
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Voltie — she/her Posted 3 years ago ( 2020/06/11 03:06:13 )
ty for the nsfw warning i thought it was a wholesome show now idk how comfortable i will be watching it

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