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Forums General Chit-Chat This has helped my mental health this week

Donator — She/her Posted 7 days ago ( 2020/03/23 08:19:04 )

Hey guys, I'm sure that like me you have been struggling to adjust to a 'new normal' and the news has been terrible.
I was really feeling the anxiety and dread about a week ago and that I realized that I had nothing to look forward to. Normally I do in real life, even if it's small things like a certain meal, reaching a goal at work, seeing friends, making it to the weekend, watching a new episode of a weekly show, etc.

With the chaos of life almost all of those things went away, I couldn't go to my favorite restaurant and the food at the store was limited, I was staying inside and not working, so those other two didn't matter either. Some of my weekly shows were on break or put on hold.

Then I realized that I should have small things that I'm looking forward to.
Last week my list looked like this:

Voltra Community Discussion
New One Piece episode on Saturday
New Season of Fruits Basket in April

And on Saturday my husband and I got delivery from a local curry restaurant. It was the first time in weeks that I had a non-homecooked meal. (Since my wedding anniversary actually). I have been in touch over FaceTime or text with my friends and family.

Monday March 23rd, starts my third week of 'sheltering in place' being an 'artist in residence'. I feel like I'm handling it a lot better. I also decided to only look at the news once or twice a day, and I'm making sure I get a small walk in daily, cleaning or jumping jacks for exercise. We can get through this together.

This week my list looks like this:
Updating my island in ACNH
Voltra Event
Voltra BJ game (I'm so excited for this)
Session with my therapist
The weather being nicer!
My husband's homemade curry
Catching up on the One Piece Manga


Donator — She/her Posted 7 days ago ( 2020/03/23 08:20:48 )

I want you guys to think about what you are looking forward to, even though things seem bleak. I wouldn't add things like society going back to normal because we don't know when that will be and I don't want you guys to get frustrated. Please post your lists! It doesn't have to be just things that are happening this week. Some of the stuff in my list is happening in April!


Donator — 0% Edible Posted 7 days ago ( 2020/03/23 09:20:33 )

My list is pretty small right now.

Playing drunken Drawful with friends online.

Actually I think that's about it.

Artist — They/Them Posted 7 days ago ( 2020/03/23 09:47:59 )
Over the last year I had gotten extremely attached to voluntering and until this week, the first week since the kitties went to be with fosters, I didn't realize how much I focused on that to look forward to.

I guess tomorrow I can look forward to a Jenna Julien Podcast ^ ^".
Other than that I'm not sure.

Artist — Fluffywuff Posted 7 days ago ( 2020/03/23 11:04:38 )
@Totalanimefan: I have found it helps to change your language.
I went from "shelter in place" to "artist in residence." I have found that it sounds a bit more romantic. XD;;
I have been spending time in my yard, trying to make it as productive as possible, with gardens etc.
Cleaning around the house, "cleansing" it of all of the extra crap I don't need.
Do your best to put a positive spin on it. :3

Good luck, everyone!

“kouji.” | He/him
Mythical Creature
probably made of candy and angst

Voltie — Whatever Posted 7 days ago ( 2020/03/23 13:15:19 )
Welcome to Trilia Island!

My copy of ACNH is out for delivery so I'm looking forward to that ovo

Kit's island getaway is very quiet~

Donator Posted 7 days ago ( 2020/03/23 15:34:00 )
I agree. While I'm still working remotely, I've had a lot of time to just do my own things! I usually lose a lot of time due to travel, so in that spare time I'm able to play Animal Crossing!

My schedule is currently:
8AM-4PM: work (and I get breaks inbetween!
4:30-5PM: workout
5-9PM: Mixture of playing animal crossing, cleaning my apartment and watching shows with my hubby! Overall, a pretty great day!

Also, I'd love some of that curry! * Q *

TH || dA ||webtoon

Voltie Posted 6 days ago ( 2020/03/23 17:36:22 )

I think this is a nice idea you have and this can be a stressful time for all of us. I have a very pessimistic mind sometimes and thinking of the worst case possible scenerios is something I'm trying to avoid right now. Is best to thnk of the present and what I can do at this moment than focusing too much of the long term. Needless to say, I'll try to make up a list to look forward too~

1. Practice more on watercolour
2. Made an anime list that I'm interested to watch
3. Spend more time with my family
4. Movies just lots of movies *^*
5. At least now I have more reason to write on my Journal.
6. To be more active here~

This is all I can think of right now, I'm sure I'll think of something more later :3


Donator — He/Him Posted 6 days ago ( 2020/03/23 18:35:02 )
yeah i didn't think acnh was gonna be interesting at all, but i've been watching my favorite streamers play it, and it's been holding my attention. xD

Ping me!


Voltie Posted 6 days ago ( 2020/03/23 18:57:56 )
I am SO excited for bj and the upcoming event!!!! I can't wait for them I'm way too impatient lol

On my list, it's mostly just getting the rare chance of hanging out with friends at some point, finishing up cleaning the pantry, and baking something new (maybe muffins? idk)
I make art! Please commission me

Donator — Female Posted 6 days ago ( 2020/03/23 19:50:38 )

Everything will be ok soon, hang in there darling.

I wouldn't recommend getting food to go or delivery, you never know if the owner of the restaurant caught the virus from another person or not. Also the virus can survive on plastic surfaces for hours and you can get it from the delivery person, you can't trust anyone right now. It's better to eat whatever you have at home right now rather than food to go or delivery.


Donator — Egg Posted 6 days ago ( 2020/03/23 20:36:15 )

I think it is nice to look at a list of things you are looking forward to doing despite how closed off we have to be with one another at the moment~
Our Spring Break just started so I am off of work this week (though I plan to casually work on various items I need to complete) so it is a very relaxing week.

Here is a list of things I hope to do this week~

1. Play lots of ACNH and Mystery Dungeon DX
2. A half hour walk every day to get out and get some fresh air
3. Call family and friends to get some socialization in despite it not being in person
4. Talk on here more! Things have been so hectic and I feel like I have lost touch with all the lovely people on here ;v;
5. Practice needle felting now that I have my supplies in close range again~

There is definitely more but if I make the list any longer I won't do any of it! I am super excited about the needle felting, my supplies have been gathering dust for months now ;;


Donator — She/her Posted 6 days ago ( 2020/03/23 20:41:32 )

@Another Movie Addict: It's nice
@koneko: that you both
have something to look forward to. Please feel free to post here again in the future when you think of something else to look forward to.

@Kozi: That's a good point. I'm going to change the first post right now XD I like what you are doing with your free time. ^^

@Kitalpha Hart: Yay! Honestly it is so much fun! I love playing it. ^^

@Yandere: That's a pretty nice schedule. I wouldn't mind doing that daily. ^^
Good Curry was good. I would invite you over, but you know.... XD

@PurpdaBurpPurp: I think that list is better than mine. What anime do you want to watch?


Donator — She/her Posted 6 days ago ( 2020/03/23 20:46:34 )

@Shark: I love watching people play games (when they are good at it). It really holds my attention but it also makes me want to play the game. ^^;

@grost: OMG We can be team BJ, er, Team Blackjack! That sounds better. Why is it not coming out until April. T_T I'm just telling myself that it will be here before you know it. XD And we have an event to look forward to first. Baking sounds pretty good. And after you bake you should post it here. XD We Volties seem to love a good thread about baked goods.

@Panda: Thanks. How are you holding up? I only got delivery once in three weeks of not leaving the house. I did weight up the risk and decided that my husband and I wanted something not home cooked and we wanted to support a local business. We have no plans to eat out in the next two weeks. ^^

@kaichoukai: I really like your list! ACNH has been great, and you should post about your needle felting! I'm sure that others would love to see what you made. ^^ I don't think that we have a thread about needle felting either.


Voltie — Whatever Posted 6 days ago ( 2020/03/23 20:51:07 )
Welcome to Trilia Island!

@Totalanimefan: UPS

Kit's island getaway is very quiet~

Donator — She/her Posted 6 days ago ( 2020/03/23 21:05:24 )


By Ghost
I'm friendly and will chat with anyone!

Voltie — Whatever Posted 6 days ago ( 2020/03/23 21:06:44 )
Welcome to Trilia Island!

@Totalanimefan: unless they're running late, they should be arriving soon
I imagine they're running late because the pandemic is screwing everything up

Kit's island getaway is very quiet~


Donator — Im a dude Posted 6 days ago ( 2020/03/23 21:11:11 )
@Totalanimefan: You can play acnh with me if you want.

This week, well, I had a phone appointment with my psychiatrist and I'm on a new med and I'm hoping that'll help.

I have work Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Until then, I'm enjoying time with my girlfriend and my children. My ex wife, Janna, made chili and brought some for me, so I'm looking forward to my dinner. P :

I have ACNH and Mystery Dungeon DX that I've been playing the shit out of.

Donator — Egg Posted 6 days ago ( 2020/03/23 21:26:54 )

@Totalanimefan: ;; I have only made one noteworthy thing... I could make a thread though to help give me motivation? Where would I start that???


Voltie Posted 6 days ago ( 2020/03/23 21:36:46 )

@Totalanimefan: A lot of them are recent and still ongoing. But I'm currently watching BanG Dream, is similar to K-on.

And thanks (^.^)


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