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Forums Voltra Discussion Let's talk about voltra! [Feedback thread]

Donator — Fujoshi Posted 3 years ago ( 2019/09/21 22:17:58 )

@Hachi: Nuuuu, wish you could be at the discussion to fight the good fight, but it can’t be helped. )’x Hoping all goes well...

@Goblin: You know, making fan art of Vreg/Vichard romance would be acceptable in Japan. What if they are secretly in that kind of relationship? It might be morally ok in Voltra culture, idk...
I think Vaughn and Valentina dress similar, so even if they’re not blood related, I can see how she takes after him.

Whose idea was it to create Volkan? ToT Now I can’t even look at Vanora the same. I vote we have an assassination story event or something for him...

And LOLOLOLOL I sensed Vyctor was gay because he is a walking stereotype you’d see in some yaoi/BL. Not really a fan of him, so at most I’ll ship him as Volkan’s sugar baby. xD


Voltie — boss baby Posted 3 years ago ( 2019/09/21 22:46:00 )
JC's exwife is back in Metal Realm she kinda left them and JC moved to Boltra to start a new life for himself and his daughter so she's just... not a factor HAHA

Donator — h i m Posted 3 years ago ( 2019/09/21 22:48:41 )

@Tsundererra: NOOO, DONT DO MY BOY LIKE THIS. Focus on the lore canon illustrations, the vreg stare, the vichard confession. Do not go astray.

And oh yeah, definitely they share similar hobbies and stuff, I agree. Let's not point fingers at who was to blame or not for Volkan, he is here already, all we can do is destroy him.

I'm dying, is he a stereotype?? In what way? His shop art is not an accurate reflection of him though, and please nobody deserves that fate, not even Vyc.


Donator — Fujoshi Posted 3 years ago ( 2019/09/21 22:59:57 )

Awwww, poor JC and baby. )’: She sounds like a bad mom to just leave her baby and go to A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT REALM. Jesus.

@Goblin: Hahahaha, fiiiine. I will focus on shipping Vreg and Vichard away from each other, and both of them with Virgil. I remember Vichard’s confession... but what if he was going for the wrong twin? Yassss love triangle.

You’re right, all we can do is pray that he will get killed off. Maybe it can happen if we ever get another dark event. Volkan will be the perfect main sacrifice.

Oh man, I was basing my feels on his shop art alone. The way he sticks his tongue out, has all them piercings, and is flaunting his bare nipps to the world. God, I want to list a yaoi or two as an example, but that would get me autobanned. xD


Donator — h i m Posted 3 years ago ( 2019/09/21 23:07:25 )

@Tsundererra: Ooh drama, we should write like, our own Voltra doujinshi where Vichard is in a gang with Virgil and theyre badass duo and Vichard's just waiting for that perfect moment to confess to his bro, his partner in crime his feelings. But Virgil stumbles upon the bice and innocent Vreg who flips his world upside down and drama ensues.

Please, reaping ritual 2019, Volka gets thrown in his namesake as a sacrifice. Into a volcano.

I'm going to die... yeah... that was odd times, and he's changed from that but his shop art is noy updated and I dont know if it ever will be. He does stick his tongue out, so I can't really defend that.


Voltie — boss baby Posted 3 years ago ( 2019/09/21 23:16:52 )


Donator — Fujoshi Posted 3 years ago ( 2019/09/21 23:36:01 )


@Goblin: YES, WE SHOULD! xD I would 100000% be down for a doujin like that. Goddd, who will Virgil choose? His longtime gang member bud? Or the completely innocent, pure boy Vreg?
Can we make a garbage thread for stuff like this? But omg, it will all have to be PG-13.

Hahahaha, I am praying Volkan meets a messier ending, but as long as he meets his end... I’m not picky about how it happens.

I will have to wait to see more of Vyc then before I pass judgement and ship him with anyone. Still not sure if those horns on him are real or a prop.


Donator — h i m Posted 3 years ago ( 2019/09/21 23:46:34 )

IM GOING TO DIE, BLESS VINTAGE. Thank god the next Valentines day event is worked out already.

@Tsundererra: DYING, we can do it in undercurrent and like, barely scratch that surface. I'm still around somehow with 0 bans, I've got this.

I mean, Volkan surely deserves a flashier ending but, as you say, that pg13 rating might get in the way. I'm sure we can figure out the perfect event for it though.

They're body mods so they're not like a birth thing? Idk if that goes in the real category or not. But like, Vyc's got a phd and he's just a chill dude. I guess there hasnt been more of him. Voltra needs to put NPCs like Vyctor and Vontell more out there. Its probs too late for next event, but if they decide on something for december then it might be a good time. 👀


Donator — Fujoshi Posted 3 years ago ( 2019/09/22 00:23:38 )

@Goblin: The undercurrent is the perfect place for this. xD And even if they don’t kill off Volkan, I could always do it in a doujin or fanart (with some changes to make it follow the PG-13 rules).

Oh wow, I would’ve never guessed Vyc had a PhD or that he was chill because of the way he sticks his point tongue out. xD He didn’t seem to pop out a lot in past events. Vontell was at least in the curious case, but I still don’t know much about him either. It’s exciting to think of how these NPCs can develop in all the future events.

Also, sorry for spewing your serious thread with my crazy shipping ideas. xD Thank you for indulging my ideas and clearing up a few things, I feel more confident in some of my ships now.
I’m wondering if the community discussion is still on... I haven’t seen an announcement for it at all...


Donator — h i m Posted 3 years ago ( 2019/09/22 01:08:20 )

@Tsundererra: The discussion is in about 30 minutes,(when the voltra clock says 8:30) should still be happening yeah.

And I'm dying, I'm definitely going to write this story. I'll hit you up with a ping once I release the first chapter. I'll make Volkan a character in it so that we can kill him and live out our dreams.
And dying, it's fine. Although this is very memey, it's still a discussion on the NPC. See, now there's an understanding on which NPC need a little more love, which ones a little less... etc... I just hope more people fill it out, it'll be interesting to see more opinions.
Staff should too, even if anonymously. We'll see what happens, it's been 1 day.


Donator — Fujoshi Posted 3 years ago ( 2019/09/22 01:41:09 )

@Goblin: For some reason, I thought I missed it. xD The announcement thread got posted for it, so I was able to join the discord channel no problem.

YES, PLS DO. I WILL DRAW ALL THE FAN ART FOR YOUR STORY. We can also have Volkan die, and then get reborn as the real villain he is. Or keep him dead because ain’t nobody got time for Volkan in this story.

It was a very helpful discussion for me, because as a newb it was harder for me to get to know the NPCs. x__x Hopefully the staff will think of ways to make it easier for other new peeps to learn about them before they see them in the event stories.
People will do the questionnaire when they come online and have the time. :)


The truth behind Reaping Ritual 2019

Art by the rightful Mayor, Kiwi

Donator — h i m Posted 3 years ago ( 2019/09/22 01:49:10 )

@Tsundererra: jdjxjs It got delayed, Mayor Volkan strikes again.

And, as Vintage mentioned there will be a Knowledge Base, but he always busy so it's always on the side. I want to help but I'm just a baby user.

And Jxjdkxjd Can't wait to explore this other side if NPCs in our headcanon AU story. I'm so excited.


Voltie — boss baby Posted 3 years ago ( 2019/09/22 20:24:44 )
it's unwritten Voltra law that if I'm presented with a fresh new ship, especially a wild one, I gotta draw it...

young dumb and full of crumbs

Voltie Posted 3 years ago ( 2019/09/22 20:41:38 )

What is your favorite thing about Voltra as a website? Why?
I really like the toggable themes and the custom emojis. I think they make Voltra unique...
And although there are some kinks, the mobile site is actually pretty good in comparison to most others. I appreciate that I can read everything easily (well... barring some post formats...).

What is your favorite thing about Voltra activity wise? Why?
The events are easily the best thing to do on Voltra, especially when there's an engaging storyline and interactive/creative games/threads. It's cool when the event is big, but it also doesn't need to be... even small activities here and there (like hosting a creative contest between events) can keep it interesting.
and I like shitposting with friends. so I enjoy the undercurrent. I don't enjoy the post delay.

What is your least favorite thing in general and why?
THAT 10-SECOND DELAY HUH.... hmm 5-seconds now? doesn't matter, I hate that there's a delay at all SORRY
posting delays do not save the economy. currency caps also do not save the economy. evidence: Gaia
things that could save the economy: gold sinks
posting delays have nothing to do with spam bots hitting our mail servers.
add a report button so users can quickly report spam bots before they become an issue.

What has been your favorite event? Why?
Cool new cast of NPCs with well-developed backstories.
A+ storyline. I'm still reeling over when the theme of the entire site switched over to the dark side. Also I'm still using that theme bc it's the best one, no bias.
The NPCs interacted with you directly, which boosted immersion.
Really creative games that utilized the site's features in unique ways (eg. RNG, pings).
Every day there was something new to look forward to, and that made the site exciting to check everyday.

What has been your least favorite event? Why?
wah..... it's vibrance day event. there are SOME things about it that I liked, especially the roses/lavender contest. that was a blast and boy, I'm still real smug about the outcome
but I felt that this event was just, uhhhh... really incoherent? I remember going into it thinking that "oh this is gonna be a valentine's thing" and then it went... kinda?? political?? and I don't really understand how Valentina's entire backstory fits into the theme or the meaning of "vibrance day". I appreciate learning about her, but also I felt like so many of Voltra's other NPCs were left out for like. the whole event.
also the event items... I don't really understand ADLFKDFJ like YES I get that they're based off of ummm the realms (right? I think?) but I also felt like this event was just a WEIRD time to be focusing so much on the realms. it felt like it was supposed to be a celebration of love and spring but then it derailed into..... something... else......
this is another thing, but uhhh I didn't like that the games/activities from vibrance day started at all sorts of different times. I understand that there are time zone differences, but god... it was way too hard to keep track of when things started and when they ended for EACH ACTIVITY and it was too much work for me to bother, honestly. either the games need to be streamlined or ya'll gonna have to pull more weight on running multiple rounds a day (like during cirque)

Which aspects of those events made you have those opinions?
I think really, it's the difference in focus. The Cirque event was centered around a single theme, focused on a cast of individuals, and had a storyline from beginning to end. The vibrance day event tried to focus on too many things at once, and then all of those things turned out kinda half-baked.
also... learning about Voltra's history, the realms, or the NPCs shouldn't feel like it's been shoe-horned into the event. I think "here's this fact, we're gonna throw it into the event story and mold the event to fit it in" is the wrong way to go about it. Instead, it should be... "here's the event, how do the NPCs and voltra's history interact with an event like this?". The difference is that the lore should be presented THROUGH the event, and the theme of the event and its activities BRING OUT the lore. not the other way around.

What would you change about them, if anything?
For the vibrance day event, I think really it would have been better to just... leave out all the stuff about the realms. Focus on yes, Valentina and her familial love, but also the different relationships shared between the other NPCs. Then the event has a unifying theme, and it actually fits into what vibrance day is about.
And please....... too many words..... Even some of the cirque event was too wordy for me. It's I guess, helpful to have "sparknotes" but also if that's all I'm gonna read, then there wasn't any point to writing out the longer stuff. Also the sparknotes aren't fun to read. I mean literally it gives me horrible flashbacks to reading sparknotes in school to skip reading the book and still not fail the exam. It feels like a chore and I'm being tested, I don't like that.
Less description, more dialogue. I'm not really interested in the color of the leaves as they blow wistfully across the street that Vanora is walking on. Am I interested in whatever Vanora's doing on that street? yeh...
I think it also adds to the immersion if all of the games/activities were connected to the event in some way. Actually I think the vibrance day event did this pretty well (if you exclude all that political stuff) - the first love contest and the anonymous letters specifically. The personality quiz, which I think if it had been presented as more of a "compatibility quiz" instead, would have fit better. The avatar contests could stand to be improved in this aspect.

Do you find it difficult to learn about the NPC?
y-yes? the knowledge base idea is gucci for catching up on past events, but I'm taking this question as "is it difficult to learn about the NPCs during the event", bc in that case, then.... yeah
I mean like I've been here for a year and I think I know more about the cirque NPCs than Voltra's main NPCs. I think if you're gonna have the NPCs participate in the event then they should do/show something that tells me about some aspect of their personality or story.

What would you like to see more in terms of developing the NPC?
I wanna know about their backstories, their interests, their personalities, their relationships, their goals in life....

Do you prefer more interactions between two or more NPC or do you prefer more solo stories to get to know a specific NPC one at a time? Why do you prefer that?
I think it'd be more fun to see interactions. I think a large part of a NPCs development can be seen through their relationships with other NPCs and also their interaction with users. also yeah, I'm kinda scarred by the valentina event, that was too much focus..... it felt like, oddly too personal

Who is your favorite NPC?
It's VREG and it's because he's such a fun character (and a GOOD BOY)... everything he does is so uniquely Vreg. he's a quirkly lil dude and he's funny without even trying to be...
when I first joined Voltra I really didn't care for Vreg, I mean he was fine but uhh I was just ambivalent towards him like every other NPC... but then I saw him in the events and he posted in the goddamn art exchange thread and now he's my favorite ADFLFDKJF
I think that change in my opinion is indicative of how much of Vreg's character comes through in the way he participates in events and interacts with users. that's an important point...
my opinion on the other NPCs has changed very little, i.e. I still don't really have much of an opinion. oh EXCEPT FOR VIOLET, I also love her, she grew on me a whole lot too...

Who is your least favorite NPC?
hmmm it's hard to pick one bc idk much about a lot of them tbh. but I'm gonna pick Volkan bc weird dad vibes. he can be improved by becoming a cool dad(TM) instead. alternatively, bumbling grandpa vibes

What do you think of the realms?
bro I don't know anything about them. it's hard to even do the AOTW theme bc??? realms??? don't know her????

Do you think Voltra should focus on developing the realms more? Do you want to learn more of are you not interested at all?
yeah I think they could be an interesting concept. I also like the idea of "belonging to a realm", it makes the site feel more immersive.

If they are developed, what sort of things are you most interested in learning about them?
hey uh, what are the realms like. if I were to get a postcard what would be on it. weather, landscape, towns/cities...
who lives there... what's the culture like. fashion? cuisine? architecture?
what do people do there for fun. does everyone have horns and was that naturally selected for, or...
HEY HERE'S ANOTHER QUESTION.... is voltra a realm??? a city in a realm??? what's happening.......

Would you like to see Voltra visit any of the realms in an event? Which realm would you choose if it were up to you? Why?
YEAH that would be a cool idea that could help flesh out the lore some more.... but yeah let's make it "halloween in ice realm" and not "hey were in ice realm, but it's also halloween rn I guess"
wuhh... idk, electric? that's a good pokemon type

What kind of features do you think Voltra is lacking?
the lack of a posting delay gold sinks
dream avatar system. just... just get rid of the item museum and let us make dream avatars.....
privacy settings. I wanna hide my online status, and make my profile exclusive, and make people not able to search my posts.....
a marketplace would be cool but it's really not top priority for me tbh when I consider these other things

What would you like to see made next?
pls just let me have privacy...

Do you think they should focus on developing past features that were announced, or should they focus on developing different, new ideas? Why?
depends on the feature.
dye system? nah forget that.
improved inventory? yes.... focus all your energy on that, get it done....
it's fine to have a giant list of ideas that you eventually want to one day implement. but also? don't focus on five things at once and get nothing done. there needs to be a REAL priority list, where it's like... "ok we got this done. next." don't be fickle... just... pick one.....

Any other general thoughts that you might want to share that you have not been asked yet?
not right now but maybe later


Voltie Posted 3 years ago ( 2019/09/22 21:20:12 )

can we... please... for the love of panthalassa..... fix the layering system.........
hm you know what'd be great, is if there just wasn't a layering system at all and it was just FREE FOR ALL.... put each item on its own layer and let us layer everything the way we want, by dragging each item up and down a list. catch my drift? then BAM no more having to fix layering problems by putting belts on the jacket layer. also think of the possibilities..... I can finally layer 15 arm mods on top of each other and become a supreme being......


Artist — she/they Posted 3 years ago ( 2019/09/22 21:56:54 )

i finally did it

What is your favorite thing about Voltra as a website? Why?
These would include the layout, the themes, the features, etc.
Voltra has a lot of little unique features that set it apart from a lot of the other communities. The themes that users can select and change is a VERY cool feature.
Also the graphics in general. That’s not just because Ghost is a rad dude, but They’re always so professional looking and consistent and it really gives Voltra it’s trademark. It’s easy to pick it out from other sites, which usually don’t have as strong of graphics or their graphics are kind of all over the place. The unity in it is nice, I guess is an easier way of putting it?

What is your favorite thing about Voltra activity wise? Why?
These would be the forum games, events, item designs, etc.
I like the addition of the undercurrent, since a lot of the time the forums are very slow activity wise. I know a lot of people don’t really like it, but it’s a nice place to be able to go in and just mindlessly post without having to wait for someone else to come post. Basically it helps keep you busy until other people come in.

Otherwise I enjoy that there are always a lot of different activities during events. Instead of it just catering toward like, the art contest sides of things, staff really makes a lot of different activities or games during events that makes it a lot easier for people to participate/pick and choose what they want to do, rather than it sort of being unfair or putting certain people at a disadvantage.

What is your least favorite thing in general and why?
I guess the big thing for me is that there just kind of seems to be a lack of communication from staff/users, etc? Like. Sometimes it feels like we, as users, are constantly giving ideas and feedback and providing our input on things we want to see, things that weren’t as strong for the site (like during events, etc.) and a lot of those times it’s brought up either quite frequently or with a large amount of the user base supporting the ideas, only for it to just kind of be….lost? If that makes sense?
Also the recent promises of things being released at a certain date (like monthly items, rigs, events, etc) and then having them be delayed for hours or even days at a time is just….a big….yikes. Like I know everyone has their own lives and those should ALWAYS come first but…
When you have as many people on staff as you do and it continuously is a problem to release something by a specified date that you’ve had planned for a while it’s just a bit careless. Like it feels like the site/users aren’t really AS important as it’s made out to be.
And don’t get me wrong - if this was just a once or twice kind of thing I wouldn’t even think about it. But it’s been happening pretty frequently over the past several months so it’s really becoming noticeable and aggravating.

What has been your favorite event? Why?
I know I spout about this everytime it comes up but it’s 100% Cirque.
It was so well thought out, the NPCs were all a blast to interact with on their games and activities. Constance is the best NPC ever and I still feel those roasts in my bones.

Also just how involved we were as a community. Like the theme change during the event to the shadow theme had me BIG EYES Y’ALL. Like it was so captivating and wanting to know what was happening, the changes in the NPCs and their events...just man. Everything.
It was very well put together and the presentation was fantastic...just. I loved it to pieces and it was really the first Voltra event that I ever got into.

What has been your least favorite event? Why?
A lot of the earlier events, but I can’t fault them too much because it was still very much a testing the waters situation for staff. :’3c

Otherwise probably Vibrance Day. Like, the addition of the flower thing was a fun part of the event and I enjoyed putting in a ton of effort to wreck you scrubs at it, but otherwise it was just a little...underwhelming?

The items didn’t fully go with what was happening at the time/just sort of seemed a little scattered around and like they didn’t have a similar theme to them.
Also Volkan is kind of a creep dad and Vaughn can suck a fat one.

Which aspects of those events made you have those opinions?
For the earlier events it was mostly the overwhelming amount of reading you had to do to participate. I know it got brought up a LOT by users and staff really worked on that for later events, so I definitely am thankful y’all look at user feedback and try to apply it where you can. Again though, I don’t have much to really complain about on these events because they were the first ones and it was a very trial and error scenario. Both staff and users learn a lot with each event!

Af far as vibrance day went, as I mentioned the flower thing was an interesting addition and added a fun competition/more of a point to posting, other than just collecting the items. The trades was a little tedious (I’m sure more so for the poor staff members having to keep track of it all, y’all deserve a medal for that, bless). It would be nice to see that as more of an event-exclusive feature/something the devs could program in. Sort of like a community sink of sorts.
The other thing is to just eliminate Volkan entirely. Kidding...unless?
Nah, Volkan and Vaughn have some potential there to be cool NPCs but just the way they were introduced was really...uncomfortable and felt kind of forced. Also, for the love of frog we never
Want Volkan to explain how Vanora was created. Lock him away.

What would you change about them, if anything?
Don’t make the events so full of reading that it feels more of a chore to keep up with the event.
Actual programmed in features for events, rather than using trades/etc

Do you find it difficult to learn about the NPC?
A lot of the stuff I know about the NPCs largely comes from speaking with others about what happened in previous events, etc.
Like, I guess if you miss an event you miss out on large chunks of lore. But having to go sifting through old event archive threads to find information is tedious. A place where you could see information on the NPCs would make things a lot easier.

What would you like to see more in terms of developing the NPC?
I like seeing them interacting with each other. The comics are a nice way to do this because it’s not a wall of text, but I don’t want to kill Ghost or anyone else who may work on the comics. :’3c

But the events where the NPCs are interacting with each other about the situations at hand is a nice way to see how they interact with each other as well as different situations. It makes them feel a lot more like characters in a story, rather than just a random drawing for a shopfront.

Do you prefer more interactions between two or more NPC or do you prefer more solo stories to get to know a specific NPC one at a time? Why do you prefer that?
It kind of depends. They both have their strengths.
But I definitely lean toward interactions with other NPCs because of the above points. :3c

Who is your favorite NPC?
What is it about them that you like the best? What do you like the least? What would you like to see them do in the future?
I want to see him conquer Voltra.

Who is your least favorite NPC?
What makes you not like them as much? What would you change about them, if anything? Is there any quality of them you do like? Would you prefer to see less of them, or would you like to see more and see them develop in a different way? Which way would you suggest that be?
It’s Volkan...

What do you think of the realms?
I honestly know nothing about them other than their colors and their choice of underwear.

Do you think Voltra should focus on developing the realms more? Do you want to learn more of are you not interested at all?
Yeah they seem to be an important part of the lore. But I have zero understanding of their points or anything like that.
It seems interesting, especially to see what they do with the realms. Will users be pitted against each other to fight for their realms? What’s the story behind it all.

If they are developed, what sort of things are you most interested in learning about them?
What they are mainly.

Would you like to see Voltra visit any of the realms in an event? Which realm would you choose if it were up to you? Why?
Any of them i know NOTHING

What kind of features do you think Voltra is lacking?
Report system, privacy settings...just sort of the basic features you’d expect a site to have this late into its development. Without them it sort of feels like Voltra is still very much in it’s alpha phase because it’s lacking kind of the core systems of a forum.

What would you like to see made next?
Report system definitely.

Do you think they should focus on developing past features that were announced, or should they focus on developing different, new ideas? Why?
A bit of both. There have been a lot of features that have been brought up that haven’t been touched on yet that are important to a forum community (see above). But there are also other features that wouldn’t be a bad thing to have either. It sort of depends on what the different ideas are, I suppose.

Any other general thoughts that you might want to share that you have not been asked yet?
I think there should be more feedback questionnaires like this honestly. Official staff ones as well as ones users create. The feedback would be beneficial to staff to make improvements to the site and just to get a feel for what users are enjoying/feeling about the site so they know their strengths and weaknesses. And it’s nice for the users to be able to provide their input.

And definitely have an anonymous ability since a lot of times feedback isn’t brought up out of fear of it being public!
Maybe a monthly feedback thing where certain questions remain the same (like how you think the month went as far as activity, the common updated, monthly items, etc etc. as well as things that change up like, if there was an event for the month or something new (rigs, features, etc.) I think it would help keep everyone content and constantly moving forward to help build Voltra into a really strong avatar community that would rival others.

Donator — h i m Posted 3 years ago ( 2019/09/23 00:33:55 )

Haha, yeah the hot topic is the delay. I understand that it’s not super easy to find the answer. But people are telling them that this is not it, the delay is not the answer. I hope they rethink their action and take suggestions like you said, more gold sinks. The only real way to control how much money an user keeps is to help them waste said money. You can argue all day that 5-10 seconds is nothing, but it is. If it wasn’t then you wouldn’t be putting it in the first place.
My other suggestion, as I’ve mentioned before, is to make the signup/registration process more complicated. Put different kind of captchas and try to stop bots from ever getting into the website in the first place. Then yeah, report system so that all staff get notified when something goes wrong, not just whoever is online (Which is unreliable, slow and very inefficient. They could be away, logged out, having a bad day and not want to bother, etc.)

I was gonna react to more but, I'm very distratcted, but you guys have really good points I wanted to bounce off of, like the NPC and realm stuff. I'll get back to this


Moderator Posted 3 years ago ( 2019/10/1 23:02:51 )

Hello we wanted to let you guys know we appreciate this, we acknowledge it, and we will read through all of this.

Donator — h i m Posted 3 years ago ( 2019/10/2 04:18:43 )

@vengeance: That's great! And if staff can fill it up that'd be amazing and you're all welcome to ;3

There's a completely anonymous option if you guys(staff as a whole) are afraid of being pointed at or singled out for your personal opinions. Not even I would know who filled it up, as it doesn't ask for names or email, or anything of that sort!


morosexual but there's no pride in that

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