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Forums General Chit-Chat Horror movie fans, am I weird?

Donator — she/they Posted 3 months ago ( 2022/10/24 13:19:51 )
Had a horror movie night with some friends. All of us were rooting for the girl who was bullied in highschool as she revenged her way through the movie as an adult. My husbands and my bestie of over a decade thinks we're all serial killers now. How do you explain that cheering on the bad guy is just what you do if you're a horror fan? "Its just a little too real, this could actually happen!" well, yeah, and it would suck in real life for sure. But this isn't real, this is a movie. I'm not happy for an actual murderer. Shes just a fictional character living her best life... and then I realized maybe this is weird to non-horror-movie-fans, sure, but WHAT IF I'm weird to people who do like horror movies? Y'all are on team bad guy, too, right?

Donator — She/Her Posted 3 months ago ( 2022/10/24 14:36:48 )
Low, keep your head, keep your head low...
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That's how I feel about half the books I read where the villain wins/gets the girl- real like people like that? I want them to lose- morally gray villains in books/media? Hell yea!

...If you wanna keep your head
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Artist — She/Her Posted 3 months ago ( 2022/10/24 22:41:05 )
@Glume: I’m absolutely on team bad guy in horror movies lol that’s the thrill of watching them. Especially in movies like the one you mentioned (idk what movie you watched) when its about getting revenge. You get to live vicariously thru that lol and, as you said, ITS NOT REAL. I don’t think you’re weird for that at all lol
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Voltie — She/Her Posted 3 months ago ( 2022/10/24 23:19:04 )

I loveeee horror movies. I often times don't cheer for anyone, perse, but sometimes it's fun seeing the previously tortured character go beserk. And sometimes I want people to get out safely. As long as someone isn't going on about how "hot" actual serial killers are (Bundy, Dahmer, etc), I just try to have a good time.

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Donator — They/Them Posted 3 months ago ( 2022/10/25 01:03:22 )

@Glume: I'm definitely cheering on anyone bullied who's getting revenge lol. Most movies I'm just like "yeah you're dead you're dumb, why didn't you just kill him there?!!"

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Donator — she/they Posted 3 months ago ( 2022/10/25 11:00:27 )
Thank you all, I feel so validated XD

@Spider: I don't know if its the same in books, but in horror movies there is a trope that the victims are usually the WORST people you know. I obviously don't condone bad things happening to annoying people in real life, but horrible characters in movies are fair game lol

@Ruby: I'm really into physical effects, so when I see some REAL looking effects, I can't help but cheer it on.

@kittyberry: Yeah, fangirling over real serial killers is so gross. Why, folks? Why are people like this?

@milkshake: As someone who was bullied most of her young life, it is very satisfying to watch a character exact revenge on said bullies. BUT I understand that some people can't separate fantasy from reality, and some very real people have killed other very real people because they were bullied, and thats super not ok. I grew up in the transitional period before mass school violence became an everyday thing so I GET the seriousness of the topic, and I fear that my judgy friend might not realize that I do.

Voltie Posted 3 months ago ( 2022/10/25 12:09:20 )
@Glume: It's understandable that you'd be rooting for the person who got bullied ... but it's a horror film and that premise does sound like it could be a little too real, so... ick? ... but it's also a Horror Film, and I understand why you'd be rooting for the bad guy ... 'cuz that's the fun of horror films, (I guess?)... but I'm not really a fan of the genre, so... I dunno?? /shrug/ XD LOL. It probably depends more on the specific film and how realistically the plot is portrayed...??


Voltie — She/Her Posted 3 months ago ( 2022/10/25 21:37:11 )

@Glume: I'm a super big true crime fan, but never have I found a serial killer attractive. The knowledge of what they did to people makes them so disgusting— I really can't understand how anyone can hear the horrible things a REAL LIFE human did and not only forgive them, but glorify them. This is not a hot fictional grey character!

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Donator — she/they Posted 3 months ago ( 2022/10/26 01:12:49 )
@Wildfire: I totally get the ick. Like it makes sense, especially from someone who isn't a horror fan. I'm sure the whole being into horror at all doesn't make sense to non-fans... for me personally, I feel like its very dependant on the story and presentation and time the movie was made as to weather I'll actually root for the bad guy or just root for the creative use of effects. Sometimes I root for the bad guy and the final girl (or guy, we're starting to move past some tropes at least) but the movie in question totally set you up to love the bad guy and hate the good guys, and it was slightly comical as far as horror goes...

@kittyberry: I just don't get it either. My mom was in to true crime my whole life, and there would always be a part of every documentary where they would talk about how many love letters the murderers would receive once caught and I was just baffled. I had an employee once who told me she had a boyfriend she met online while he was in prison and she was constantly sending him money and getting berated and talked down to for it, and I'm just like...? Why? Literally anyone can do better than convicted felons of violent crimes, especially if they're not even going to pretend to treat you right.
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Voltie — She/Her Posted 3 months ago ( 2022/10/26 03:11:11 )

@Glume: Yeah, my mom got me into true crime as well, but I dove in headfirst as a teenager/young adult. I always found the topic interesting, particularly from the POV of a psychology student. But I can't even begin to fathom how certain people do nonsense like trying to have a relationship with a convicted murderer that's in prison, as you mentioned. What about putting that admiration and support towards the VICTIMS??

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Voltie Posted 3 months ago ( 2022/10/26 11:15:34 )
@Glume: Yeah, I'm not really a fan of the genre, but at the same time I get it... in the same way that I'm also not a fan of RomComs, but I understand why some people would be in to that genre. It really depends on the individual movie, imo, and it sounds like this one was all "go badguy!" XD

So, no... you're not weird. And at the very least, you seem to be able to tell fantasy from reality well enough - at least in this context XD XD XD

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Donator — whatever Posted 3 months ago ( 2022/10/31 09:29:25 )

Depends on the movie and the bad guy, but yeah, I've been known to cheer for the villain a few times, lol. Re-Animator is one of my worst poisons in that regard!
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Voltie — they/he Posted 3 months ago ( 2022/11/4 03:12:12 )
don't worry, cheering for the villain doesn't reflect on your actual morals lol. i had a similar reaction myself when i learned you WEREN'T supposed to root for carrie.

Donator Posted 3 months ago ( 2022/11/10 19:09:29 )
I'd absolutely root for a girl who was bullied and getting her own back, but I'm usually not team bad guy
I don't watch a lot of horror movies unless I'm with my boyfriend for his birthday and Spooky Month, but when I do I guess I'm usually rooting for the survivors. I even learned a new term for some of the slasher movies - the final girl!

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Voltie Posted 3 months ago ( 2022/11/12 08:36:18 )
Absolutely! Maybe we just have trauma lol.

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