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Donator — They/Them Posted 10 months ago ( 2021/09/11 20:48:35 )
Loki could have grumbled about how the flavor of the tea was much better when freshly ground. He realized that they were truly more alike than they had both previously thought. It made sense, though. He'd been so used to using magic to summon anything he pleased at any moment that the thought of not having that luxury felt foreign to him. After she began to explain how the machine worked, Loki felt his he'd spin. It wasn't as though it were a difficult process, it was just.. tedious. By Odin's Beard! All he wanted was a simple cup of tea! And yet he had to put this thing in this spot, check this thing, press a button, but it had to be the right button according to cup size... The more he studied the machine as she explained, he realized that it truly wasn't all that hard. It was just a lot of work for a simple cup of tea. He was also still very bitter that the leaves were pre-crushed and dried already. Loki could have thrown a fit over this and shown how spoiled he was as a prince, that he felt that he should only be drinking fresh tea. But he chose to forgive it. His elegant lifestyle was something he'd have to do without for a while... At least until they could figure out how to get back to Asgard.

After Nicole was done explaining, Loki simply nodded and began to run his fingers through the different flavors of tea in the black box. As she spoke about Thor, he proceeded to put his choice of tea bag in the machine and went to grab a cup from the cabinet above. It wasn't as difficult as he first anticipated, not only was he a fast learner, but he also still retained a vague muscle memory of the machine from his time living as Tom. Apparently, when you spend months drinking tea every single morning, your body learns to do it automatically. An interesting fact that Loki wasn't yet aware of until that day. Although he seemed preoccupied, he was listening intently to Nicole's plan.

"The Avengers are just a bunch of bullies in costumes..." He started to say, but the more he thought about it, he'd underestimated them the first time he fought against them as a team. Although his opinion of them hasn't changed, he had to admit that perhaps they had grown smarter in his absence. Although, he was shocked that they never seemed to find him until now. "They should have their hands full with whatever it is that is attacking the city. I doubt they'd be paying that much attention to-" He'd completely forgotten that it was likely that HE was their prime suspect, if they hadn't already figured out who was behind the attack. He held his gaze on the machine as it slowly started booting up, pouring his tea into the mug he's chosen. (Which was one of those really tacky 'Disney World' souvenir ceramic mugs.) He had chosen it for its size and shape. It fit wonderfully in his hands, which he enjoyed.

"Perception is everything. Right now, I'm probably the Avengers' top priority if they are still investigating the attack at the cafe. I believe you are right. We'll have to change their perception of... us." He doubted that if Thor's visit really was just to recon, that it was Thor's own plan. Loki still believed Thor was daft, but to be fair, if Loki were in Thor's shoes, he wouldn't have believed his performance either. Now that he looked back at it, he was laying it on a little thick... and it probably seemed a little hammy. "We would need to get an audience with the Avengers, but right now we probably wouldn't exactly be welcomed with open arms. The Avengers would be our best option to getting back to Asgard. Convincing Thor we are worthy will not cut it. We'll need to show the Avengers that I have changed; we'll need to prove to them that I did not cause the attack in the cafe." When his tea was done he simply touched the mug for a temperature check... He wasn't like Thor and would just reach for it without checking to see if it was too hot first. He touched it again lightly and when he was certain that it wasn't too hot to handle, he grabbed the handle of the mug and brought it to the middle of his chest, holding the bottom of the mug with his other hand as though it were a delicate, china tea cup.

He chuckled, "It'll take MUCH more than just appearing in public to change their perception of me... I've killed... what? Hundreds of people in the span of a few days. They think me a monster, they probably believe me to be insane. A simple act of kindness will not change what they believe about me. I believe simply appearing with a possible loved one will also not show that I am reformed. We somehow need to prove to the Avengers that I no longer wish to harm them, or anyone." He blew over the brim of the cup and took a short sip of his freshly brewed black tea.

He knew it was a sore subject, but he had to ask anyway, to gauge how convincing they could possibly be... "What was your relationship like with... Tom?" He was curious, but it was almost completely to gain a better understanding of what they'd need to possibly do to get in touch with the Avengers without setting off any red flags.

Donator — They/Them Posted 10 months ago ( 2021/09/11 20:49:00 )
(Double post.)

Donator — She/Her Posted 10 months ago ( 2021/09/11 22:05:13 )
She simply watched as he brewed his tea. It seemed either muscle memory had taken over, or he understood her teaching. Either way, he didn't seem to complain about it. " They should, but considering the fact that you showed up as the same time as the monster, you showed up in a city where they don't have a hq, they are going to stay here. If anything, you'll be their prime suspect. It's why they haven't told the news to knock off showing the recaps of last night. I bet they are hoping to annoy you, with showing broadcasts of "your love"" Now she wouldn't say someone like Thor might do that, but there was two spies on that team. People who might think his ego would be wounded if people thought he might love a lesser being.

She nodded in agreement regarding the perception of them. " That's a little easier said, than done. How do we prove you aren't behind the attack? If I understand Odin's "punishment" you had no memories or powers, until you are considered worthy? Like what does that even mean, each person idea of worthy is different, so super vague of him. So Thor would know that, but I doubt the other Avengers would buy it. I bet they've said that was apart of your plan. If you went out and caught the person behind it, wouldn't they just say you framed someone?" The more she thought about it, the more they sounded like cops who already had their suspect in mind and would do anything to prove it.

" Well the Battle of New York, 74 people died and it was about 80 billion dollars in damage. How many people did you kill on earth before that? With a body count that high, your right appearing with a loved one is just going to paint a target on that's person neck, and not prove much. What do you suggest for improving your bad boy image?". Her expression turned sour when he asked what her relationship was like with Tom. Did they really have to talk about that? " Don't you have his memories, are they not sufficient enough to explain?" While she did agree to work with him, towards their common goal, she really didn't want to have to explain her relationship that she had with his former self.

It was a sore spot for her, and she really didn't want to get emotional. " you still have his phone? He had this app, that he liked to write about his day. He use to say it was important in case, he ever forgot something." Nicole had always taken those words of his to mean, if he forgot things like what people might like, or birthdays. But he was always keeping notes, almost as if it was a diary, and knowing what she knew now, she wonder if maybe he had known something about his life wasn't right. Now while her phone and purse were under rumble, Loki should still have Tom's right? Sure she could tell Loki about their relationship, about how Tom had spent months trying to convince her to go out with him. They both had frequented the same cafe for coffee breaks, how he had charmed her. How they both seemed to be similar and still different. How it all just clicked, and that while they didn't have disagreements often, when they did the two of them were able to sit down and discuss them maturely.

She could tell him everything, and break her heart right open in front of him. It would make her way to vulnerable, and she needed to keep some walls up. Feeling too awkward just standing there as he drank his tea, she walked out of the kitchen to the living room. It was a small apartment, so really she only walked a few steps, but it gave her the needed space.

Donator — They/Them Posted 10 months ago ( 2021/09/12 22:07:17 )
Nodding, Loki took another sip of his tea and pondered what they could possibly do to avoid being suspects of the attack. Especially knowing that the Avengers were probably dead set on making sure that Loki never hurt anyone else again, they'd likely be simply foaming at the mouth, waiting for him to even remotely "mess up" so that they could take him into custody. When Nicole said that they were recapping the story on the news, he frowned. It wasn't exactly embarrassing to have his "love life" spread across on every TV station in the area and probably in the nation, but it was certainly annoying, just as she'd said. The Avengers were stooping very low, if he had to say so himself.

The more he thought about it, he began to think out loud, "Thor became 'worthy' when he sacrificed his life to save the city... I do hope that Odin doesn't seriously expect me to die in the name of justice before allowing me back on Asgard." It made sense, though. His former self, Tom, was about to sacrifice his life to save Nicole, it was only then that his powers and memory were regained. Was that seriously what Odin wanted? For Loki to die....???

"I can't even begin to count the amount of people I've killed. It was mindless, really. I wasn't even fully aware that I was even killing people at that point..." He had to admit, it wasn't exactly like he enjoyed it. He knew she'd probably find that surprising. Loki liked to be a trickster, he was always "bad'' his whole life. Changing that would mean changing who he was as a person... And he started to fear that he'd never be able to change who he was at his core. "I've been a 'bad boy', as you so eloquently put it, my entire life. I doubt there's very much I could do to change how people see me. I believe a few good deeds would not be enough to prove my commitment to change." He sighed, taking another sip of his tea. This would be much harder than he'd anticipated.

He seemed to have hit a nerve and Nicole was asking if his memories were enough for him to understand their relationship. Loki had to be honest for a change, "His memories are only vague. Like a dream that I can somewhat remember, but do not have all the details to complete." In the momentary silence, Loki could feel that she seemed to be rather... emotional about their relationship. He didn't understand completely, but could see how it would be a sore topic. After all, just before the cafe collapsed, Tom was about to propose to Nicole and their lives would have changed forever. That was in the past now, never to happen again most likely... At least, not while Loki had anything to say about it.

"Phone..?" Loki was confused. What is a 'phone'?? "App??" He had to really search his brain hard to see if he could find somewhere in his past memories if Tom ever had a 'phone' or... whatever that was. He thought about it for a moment, then set down his tea on the kitchen counter. He left the kitchen and headed into the bedroom. Inside the bedroom, he searched around the clothes that were in the closet, but didn't find what he was looking for. Then he could just barely remember a device that Tom carried around, he left it in the side table drawer beside the bed. So Loki reached into the drawer and pulled out this small, weird, rectangular device. It appeared to be the one from his memory. He couldn't help but beam with pride that he'd finally figured out something Midgardian.

He walked quickly back into the kitchen, but Nicole had left. He spied her in the living room, since the apartment was so small it wasn't exactly hard to see where everything was. He stood in front of her and held the little device in front of her face in his hand. "Is this thing a phone?" He didn't wait for her to say anything, he just brought it close to his face and examined it carefully. He'd seen things like these before on Midgard, but there were none of these on Asgard. Even though he still could vaguely remember the things he'd come in contact with on Midgard in his life as Tom, he was still just as unfamiliar.

Donator — She/Her Posted 10 months ago ( 2021/09/14 00:04:06 )
When he had explained that Thor had become worthy when he tried to sacrifice his life to save the city, she realized what Odin might considering being worthy to mean. " So then he sees worthyness to be, when one is willing to put their life aside to protect something or someone else. It's not a willingness to die, but the ability to be willing to give one life to protect something. At least that what he thinks.Though why did Thor keep his memories and not you, seems childish and petty choice for him to make." Wow what a father, like way to pick favorites. It was almost like her Mother, but one was a king ruling a whole nation.

She grimaced slightly when he mentioned that he had killed countless amounts of people. Yeah that would be hard to convince the world that he was reformed. It would be quiet the feat if the two of them could change the Avengers view of them. Thor would be easy, because they came from the same world, so he would not think much of killing, as Asgardians had fought wars before. "Everyone loves a redemption story, I just don't know how to arrange it. But humans love a show, and the Avengers can't distrust you forever if public opinion is on your side. Tony Stark was once considered a war monger and murdered, and now he's a hero."

She frowned when he admitted that the memories he did have weren't enough to give a full picture. She was going to have to talk about it. She blinked when he started asking her what a phone and app were. Or he seemed confused by what they were. When he left the kitchen, she moved to sit on the couch. She briefly wonder, if he'd be able to summon her purse to them. She wouldn't ask though, knowing he wouldn't want to. Well hopefully he could find the phone and then maybe it would give him all the information he wanted.

When he came back with the phone and asking if that was what it was, she nodded. " Yes, does it still have charge. If you press the button on the side does it lightup. If you unlock it, you should be able to access the app he wrote in. Hopefully muscle memory guides you? I never had his passwords, or read the app, so I won't be able to guide you through that."

Donator — They/Them Posted 9 months ago ( 2021/09/18 02:01:42 )
Frowning, Loki looked at the phone in his hand curiously and examined it. "Charge?" He had to assume that she meant a magic force of some sort. He held the phone out away from his face and with his other hand began to allow magic to glow. Before he was able to force any sort of magic onto the phone, he paused and heard Nicole say to press the side button. So Loki complied and was amazed that the phone lit up. On the Home Screen it was simply a lovely picture of Nicole. Loki snarled, his other self was just cheesy, it seemed. He sighed, then used his finger to press onto the screen, trying to figure out how to get it to work.

Surprisingly enough, his muscle memory did, in fact kick in and he was able to unlock the screen. But then he came to a roadblock when he was unable to figure out how to open apps. There were so many and the names were difficult to read and understand. "Facebook?" He asked. He scrolled over to the next screen, seeing more apps. "S... S-Spotif...Spotify?" His eyes were usually very good at seeing far distances, but for some reason the bright blue light of the screen made it hard to see. Without using his own thoughts, he found a folder on the third screen and immediately tapped it, which opened an app that was seemingly hidden. Although, not well hidden, Loki had to add.

His eyes were greeted with a ton of paragraphs and handwritten scribbles that Tom had written out about his days. As Loki scrolled between notes, he realized that Tom had written about each day in great detail. Seemingly as though he were keeping a diary. Knowing what he knew now, it was likely Tom suspected that something about his life was fake and that he felt it was important to keep track of everything that happened in the day. Loki had a LOT of reading to do. But as Loki scrolled, there were also some pictures of Tom and Nicole. It appeared that they were very close, indeed. Loki wanted to gag, not that Nicole wasn't beautiful or attractive... she was... fair. But Loki never figured himself to be such the romantic loser. His lip curled into a snarl as he started to read the entries...

March 4th, 2021...

I plan to propose to Nicole tomorrow afternoon. I fear that something might happen to me soon, as my dreams have been becoming more and more frightening. I've been hearing screams of foreign languages, smells of death and seeing images of mass destruction. I should probably see a therapist for this. Anyway, I want to make Nicole my wife and I want us to live out whatever few days I have happily. I don't know what is coming, but something is going to happen soon, I can sense it. I know that sounds crazy. We had a lovely day today, Nicole and I met at home after work and spent an evening eating dinner on the floor in our pajamas. I hope nights like these never end. She's sleeping beside me now so I should probably turn off my phone and go to sleep as well. I picked out the ring a week ago. I took out all of my savings to buy it, even though I know Nicole isn't impressed by the fancy things I get her, I wanted her to have the best ring I could afford. I made special care in choosing it, it's a gold band with a well sized diamond with miniature rubies surrounding it. I felt that rubies showcased my passion for her. I can't wait to show her the ring tomorrow.

Tomorrow will be a day to remember. I can't wait to write about it.

Honestly, it made Loki feel rather guilty for ruining this man's chances at happiness. But that was what Loki did, after all. He continued to get sucked into the other entries that Tom had written, reading stories about how they shared their first abroad trip, or their first time seeing some movie, or even the first time that they slept together... Which Loki was uncomfortable reading, he had to admit that he skipped a few parts. It appeared that Tom was madly in love with Nicole, so much that one of his entires talked about how badly he'd love to have children with her and raise them together in a house that they had spent building together. Tom even had questions about what they'd look like, and how he hoped that they'd take after the beauty that was Nicole. To this, Loki held back a gag. Nicole was... alright, in his eyes. Not this "stunning beauty" that Tom kept talking about.

"Hmph. Pathetic." Was all Loki could manage to say after he felt like he'd read enough. So it was true, Tom was desperately, hopelessly in love with Nicole. To prove his innocence and to prove that he and Nicole were truly starstruck lovers, Loki would need to do some serious acting to even hold a candle to how badly Tom fell for Nicole. He looked at Nicole, not quite seeing her in the same light. "It appears that we'll need to get a long much better than we thought we would. This man was... hm... How do I put it? This man was mad about you." He shook his head, the things people did for love, he would never understand. "It really is a shame."

They had no time to dilly dally, certainly there had to be something that could be done to get the attention of the Avengers, but only the good attention that they wanted. "Perhaps we should invite Thor to our... heh... humble abode again?"

Donator — She/Her Posted 9 months ago ( 2021/09/23 00:51:32 )
As he got ready to magick the phone, she shouted "No! That'll break it!" It would have been akin to a surge, that probably would have bricked the device. Then she would be force to relive every moment and memory, it was the one thing she wanted to avoid. She didn't want to touch the landmine within her heart. It was like Tom had died, but it was worst, because like she always worried about none of it was ever real. He had always tried to convince her that this was real, that he would be going anywhere, but well like his counter part he turned out to be liar as well.

As he looked through the phone she didn't see the reason to try and explain those apps to him. He wouldn't need them, and well hopefully he wouldn't be around much longer. She couldn't grieve what she lost if he was here. So as soon as they dealt with Odin, and all this Asgard stuff the sooner her life would go back to how it was before. She frowned as she felt a pang in her heart at thought. Deciding that it was better to just ignore her feelings for now, she pushed the feelings away in her mind. As Loki was talking a read down memory lane, she turned her focus to the news.

She had picked up the remote and clicked on the tv. She moved to station that had news on all the time. She was lucky in the fact that it was recapping the attack last night. She stared at the screen intently. Yes there was footage on Loki's transformation and of her stuff, but what was more the focus was the giant creature that had attacked them. Upon her review of the footage, it had seemed as if the creature intent had been to attacked the cafe. 'Strange, I feel like I've seen those markings before." She thought to herself. As she mused over where the might be from, Loki finally spoke having finished reading.

As he called Tom pathetic and affirmed that the other had been crazy about her, she felt as if she was having a body experience. How dare he!? How dare this Odin. Both of them had ruined her life. She had been fine a year and three months ago. Sure she was a little lonely, and insecure, but her life was stable. Then he waltzed in, broke down all her walls, tricked her into thinking she could be loved, and the left just like she knew he would. Now she was stuck with Captain Madman. She stood up from where she was seating and set him a dark glare. " I don't think it'd be a good idea to invite your brother. This plan of a love showcase, won't work. I'm not an actress and I am not putting on a show. You really should read, whatever he wrote about August 22, 2020." She couldn't contain the venom in her voice, and was nearly shaking from her angry. She stomped pass him, having now remember where she had seen the markings on the creature.

August 22, 2020

Tom had taken her to some fancy restaurant for their dinner date. The two of them had been talking excitedly together. Everything seemed to be going fine, until Tom spoke again. "That's brilliant, that's why I love, you always have the best ideas..Nicole? What's wrong?" She looked alarmed staring at him in some form of shock. She was very visibly upset.

"Did you just say you love me? No! You can't, No[b]" What should have been a moment of happiness was instead a moment of panic for her. There was no way he could love her, love meant the start of the end. He would leave her, it had been fine to date and be in a relationship, but now it was too serious. She couldn't do this, agreeing to date him had been a bad idea. She knew he was speaking, say something about how he didn't mean to upset her and say it. That he knew she wasn't ready, but she wasn't listening. "[b]No I can't do this, no!" She pushed herself away from the table, and got up rushing towards the exit.

He called after her, before rushing after her. He grabbed her arm when they both reached outside. He was begging her to stop, to just explained, telling her that it was okay that she didn't love him, that he would wait as long as it took. Others were staring, and giving her dirty looks but she didn't care. All she knew was that she had to get away. He would leave her, he would eventually realize how terrible she was and go. Everyone who ever loved her left, like her father, it would be just liked her mother said. She wasn't worth keeping around, that it was only a matter of time before Tom realized how bad she was. "Of course I love you! But that's the problem! That's the start of the end. I can't! I can'! You'll leave me! Just like everyone else. I don't want to live through loosing you, I don't want to experience the moment when you look at me with hate filled eyes."

She was hysterical and crying, she knew that she looked a mess. That this was a scene, but she knew, and she couldn't take the risk. However Tom wasn't a person to back down, and after a speech of how much he loved her, and how he knew that she was the only one for him, and promises that he would never leave. "You promise? You'll never leave me?"

Nicole shook the memory away, and wiped they few tears that had escaped. She grabbed the sword from the ground and lifted it slightly. She proceeded to carry it back to the living room. "I need you to look at this, and the creature they keep showing on the news. I see the markings from the sword on the creature. Doesn't that make it Asgardian?"" Which then lead her to another question, had someone from Asgard tried to kill one of them. She sighed before frowning, it seemed like maybe they would need to have Thor visit after all.

Donator — They/Them Posted 9 months ago ( 2021/09/23 05:25:58 )
When Nicole snapped, Loki quickly realized that he struck a nerve. Possibly when he called the lovestruck Tom 'pathetic'. He could tell that just as Tom loved her, it was clear that she loved him in return. Loki backed away a little bit, somewhat shocked that Nicole would snap so readily at him. After reading the entry from August 22nd, it became even more clear that the two of them were... or should have been, inseparable. He felt something tug at his heart, he had to admit... this didn't feel mischievous at all. It was starting to just feel cruel.

She was right, though. Unlike Loki, Nicole wasn't an actress. She was a human, with very human emotions and couldn't just summon the falseness of love as Loki could. Even if it wasn't exactly believable when Loki did it. He remained silent, not too sure of what to say to her in response. When she wiped away her tears, Loki bit his lip. This was definitely cruel. However, he quickly forgot about his reaction when she picked up the sword and told him to come and look at something.

He'd remembered that she had the power of the goddess Syn; and was a force to be reckoned with. He leaned over her and looked at the TV where the news was playing. "I'm surprised you can tell!" Loki said. It was definitely surprising that she could tell that the markings did look Asgardian, but if the suspicions were to be true and she was the reincarnation of Syn, then it would only make sense that she'd have some sort of awareness of Asgardian language. "But... why would the creature be Asgardian? Odin has no qualms with Midgard." Loki thought out loud.

Loki looked at Nicole, feeling a little more nervous than before, but still, he had something to say. "I know you don't want to, Nicole... But I really, really think we need to see Thor."

Donator — She/Her Posted 9 months ago ( 2021/09/23 23:54:05 )
She was surprised, but slightly grateful when he seemed to let the Tom matter drop. She didn't want to talk to him about it. She would deal with the fallout and her emotions on the matter later, once this whole Asgardian problem was solved. She shrugged at his comments about her being able to tell the symbols were the same. "Look at the tv, the footage they keep showing, is the root of the creature. It seems like it was heading towards the cafe. Then no one could find where it went. They said it disappeared like magic." She explained. She had a sinking feeling in her stomach.

She turned to look at him in the face, "Do you suppose Odin sent it here to test you? What whatever he wants from us, he needs sooner than expected, and so he created a situation to reawaken you?" She asked. The idea sounded absurd and made her scowl. If that had indeed been Odin's plan all along, she found the idea of removing him from this world all the more tempting. This so called god, had decided to toy with her life. He had sent her his son, to trick her, to make her think someone could truly love her and he tore it away in instant.

She was so angry at this whole situation. If she had hindsight, she might have considered that clearly Tom had loved her enough to throw his life away for her, but well none of it mattered. That didn't apply to Loki, he made it very clear how little he cared for her. He taunted her with his fake selfs love. It was enough to make her laugh. In fact, she realized she was laughing out loud like she had gone made.

She stopped laughing and smirked a Loki. "So tell me, how do you think your dear brother would take it, finding out that his father tried to kill you? Do you think he'd turn against Odin as well? Wouldn't that be magnificent, if the golden one, turned from his father? If the all-father lost everything, due his mad games?" She could almost see the outrage on Thor's face. The denial he would go with first, but there was enough evidence to prove that Loki had been unaware, and even Thor knew of the "punishment" Loki had been given. How would the All-Father's Queen feel, to know that he tried to kill one of his sons.

"What face do you think, the powerful Odin would make, to hear his beloved golden child, wants to abandon him and the throne?"

Donator — They/Them Posted 9 months ago ( 2021/09/25 00:49:47 )
Loki pondered, it all made sense now. He turned to look at Nicole and smirk, she really was a devious little minx, indeed! "I wouldn't put it past the old man to do something like that... He always did weird things whenever he wanted something. You know... instead of just asking." Loki opened his mouth to continue to speak, but was cut off by the sound of Nicole laughing like she was insane. Loki had to admit, it was.. interesting. He wasn't used to others being just as mad as he was, so this was a pleasant change.

She was definitely losing it... and Loki completely approved. She was finally seeing things his way. "Thor might be the 'golden child', but he always viewed Father as weak and a fool. He'd gladly take my side over Odin's any day." We were thick as thieves... Loki caught himself before saying that. He had to keep up the appearance that he hated Thor, even if he truly didn't. He never liked that Thor got more of the attention as children, but he later learned that Odin could never truly love a frost giant the way he'd love his own flesh and blood. It was clear to Loki that it was never really a competition when Thor always had the advantage.

When she asked what face Odin would make, it made Loki make a face too. He was surprised at how dark she sounded all of a sudden, but it was a nice, unexpected surprise. So, she did have some spirit after all. He chuckled deep in his throat, it was pleasant seeing her come out of her shell. "I guess we'll just have to wait and see, my dear!" He said, then he looked back at the phone, curiously. "So... How do we contact Thor on this realm? Do you use this phone?" He held it out in front of him and wiggled it around a bit, expecting something to pop out of it like a hologram that he could communicate to Thor with. Loki didn't quite realize just how far behind in technology Asgard was compared to Midgard until he'd come face to face with this.... phone thing.

Getting frustrated, he started to violently shake the phone. "It's not working!"

Donator — She/Her Posted 9 months ago ( 2021/09/25 01:47:49 )
"Wow, he's just like the worst. First it's curse Syn's brother with the sight, and then it's hey lets murder someone I've called my son for years. Yet they call you the mad one. Asgard pretty messed up." Really, it seemed like the Asgaridan royal family was worst than a reality tv show, and those were faked. Not even hollywood would come up with something this messed up. Heck Odin made her own mother seem nice. Really any world would be better without him.

"Well then, he would certainly be angry to find out that his father tried to take away his precious brother. Wouldn't he?" Heck Loki might even be able to spin the tale, that his father had given him happiness and loved and then planned to destroy him and it, to punish him further. Attempted murder of ones son, to test his worthiness was really just f**ked up.

She did comment when he called her dear. It seemed that like Tom, he could speak like a polite British man. Really she was more concerned with ending Odin. She didn't think even if Thor was angry he would kill his own father. Really if she had her way, she'd stabbed this sword into his throat. He had ruined her life, and she'd make sure that'd he'd lose everything. Just like he had done to her. Odin had messed with her past life brother, which she had a feeling resulted in the death of Syn. Now he was giving her fake love, to steal it away for what Syn's powers? It was really foolishness.

"Stop that! Do you really think someone as ordinary as I, would be able to call Thor? Nor did your prior form have his number. There a much simpler way." She walked past him to the main window in the apartment. It was a good thing that their apartment was on the side of the front door to the building. She pulled back the curtains, and pointed out the window at the various reporters waiting for them. "You've been on the news nonstop. Step outside, charm the reporters, say that you hope to see your beloved brother soon, and I bet he'll be here before dinner." Really it was simple, she looked him over. Yes, his clothing would do, he may be mad, but she sure he could charm a few reporters. "Though, don't kill them. They can be annoying as flies, but you can use the spotlight to your advantage." Really between the two of them, he'd be a lot better a charming people.

In the past, she had never bewitched anyone expect for Tom. He had been the only one that had been charmed by her, and well he was gone. She sighed trying to shake the thoughts away. A breakdown wouldn't do good now.

Donator — They/Them Posted 9 months ago ( 2021/09/25 19:47:58 )
Loki smirked. He'd never really thought about it that way before, it was definitely despicable the behavior that Odin was displaying right now... To dare attempt to murder him just to awaken him from punishment? And not only punish him, but also to punish this reincarnation of Syn with false love? That was just terrible and a hit below the belt. At her question of Thor and how he'd feel about losing his brother, "I'm almost certain he'd feel... as you humans say, some sort of way about it. Yes."

He wasn't expecting Nicole to yell at him to stop with the phone. Is this not how phones worked? Loki grumbled under his breath, something about Midgard being too complicated. When Nicole said there was another, easier way, Loki's interest was piqued. He followed her to the window and glanced down at the swarm of reporters waiting to talk to them. Loki couldn't contain a small chuckle, he didn't realize just how.... famous he'd become on Midgard. It started to make his ego swell.

"Of course, you'll be beside me when I talk to these reporters, right?" Loki asked. It wasn't as though he wanted or even needed her to be there, but he felt that it would look a lot more convincing if he was leaving his apartment with his beloved girl, after all, that was the story they probably wanted to get. Loki wasn't too familiar with news and reporters, he'd never been interviewed before, but he was certain it was almost like acting... and Loki had always wanted to be an actor. He'd seen thousands of plays on Asgard and he was confident that being interviewed would be no different than an improv session as an actor. He set the phone down on the nearest coffee table and grabbed Nicole's arm.

"What are we waiting for?! We need to get down there now!" Loki hadn't thought about anything else, just that the start of their plan needed to begin as soon as possible. And besides, Loki wanted that sweet ego stroke that he'd get from the reporters asking questions about him and his life. Even though there was the goal of getting Thor to visit them, Loki was, for the moment, more interested in getting seen and having people fall over their feet for him. Loki was a prince, and at the end of the day, he was still used to people tripping up over themselves to please him. This would be no different, except it had been quite some time since he'd had such an experience, so it would be nice to feel like royalty once again.

Donator — She/Her Posted 9 months ago ( 2021/10/9 02:22:44 )
When he asked if she would be beside him when speaking to the reporters she frowned. Now that was the last thing she wanted to do. She knew at his side, they would see be all over her. It wouldn't be him in the spotlight, it would be them wanting to know how she could date someone like him. Had he forgotten about his new york adventures again? They would shout, and push to get the scope to know what sort of woman she was. Wouldn't it be more effective, if he went out there and played the charming doting boyfriend. Say something, like I'm going to pick up food for my love. Or well something cliche like that.

Had he also forgotten that she told him she couldn't put on a show with him. In fact she was sure, that she'd cause a scene instead. Like he expected her to not freak out, or expose her gifts? She was regretting showing him a second way to contact his brother. When he grabbed her arm, she pulled her arm back. "Ow! Hey, listen, I told you I can't put on a show." She snapped at him. This was so frustrating, it made her want to strangle Odin for this series of events he had brought her. She shook her head and held up at hand.

"Look, I told you that I can't play the role of doting girlfriend. If I go down there with you, it's not going to be about you, or your bravely. It's going to be about the psycho woman, who hasn't dumped you after finding out who you are. You may not regret the lives lost in New York, and sure the public can be charmed, but I'm ordinary to them. They will go out of their way to try and tear me down and make me look crazy for dating you. But if you go down there, pull out some Asgardian charm, lie your handsome face off, give some song and dance about trying to do something nice to impress "your girl", go buy flowers or something, they'll be eating out of your hands. It's a solo show you'd have to put on."

Really it made the most sense. Otherwise, it would the show of trying to get her to insult Loki. Or try and back track, why she had been with a mass murderer. They would want drama, a show. To tear her down, especially because she was a woman. Just look at what they media would say about any woman who stood besides her man, if he was charged with a crime. Would he want to be forced to deal with that. She stepped away from the window, letting the blinds fall back down. " Really it'd be better for you to just go, I should get the sword away, before Mr. Thunder rolls in." Nicole was hoping that he would let this pass. That he wouldn't demand that she goes down with him. She knew she couldn't do that, to play to be in love, when she had just lost everything. When he had threaten and hurt her. They were only working together for revenge, it wasn't like they were even friends.

Donator — They/Them Posted 9 months ago ( 2021/10/14 01:11:45 )
It surprised Loki a little when Nicole snatched away from him, but he had remembered that they were not exactly friends and she still probably hated him. No matter, he'd have his fun with the reporters anyway. Loki had no qualms with it being "solo show" as Nicole so eloquently said it, of course, he'd be more than happy to waltz down to the reporters and share his experiences and hog all the spotlight. Though, he didn't fully comprehend why Nicole didn't want that sort of attention herself. She was right, though, they'd likely question her about why she stayed with Loki after discovering who he was, they'd likely even pester her and assume she knew the entire time that he was Loki. They'd make her out to be the villain, which, to Loki, didn't sound all that bad. But he was used to being the "bad guy" by now.

In pure, evil and annoying Loki fashion, he slipped past Nicole and placed a kiss on her cheek. For no reason other than to upset her. He thoroughly enjoyed making people miserable, and he knew that doing this would probably cause her to hate him even more, but he couldn't help himself. He clearly had leverage over Nicole by using their past relationship against her and until it proved to no longer be fun, he'd still continue to use it. He hummed delightfully and decided to change his appearance quickly, using magic to change into something more suitable towards humans. He changed into a simple white dress shirt, black slacks and a black jacket. This would be all too much fun! He made his merry way towards the door and headed into the hall and made his way down to the lobby of the apartment building where just outside there was a small mob of reporters waiting to speak to him. This would be Loki's chance to perform like he never performed before! His chance to be the divo!

"It's him!" He heard a reporter whisper. Thankfully, having spent years in the shadows, Loki had very good hearing. That, and he was a God, so, naturally his senses were much better than any human's. "He's here!" The reporters began scrambling towards him, shoving weird, metal sticks in his face and asking him a bunch of questions one after the other. Loki was perturbed, but kept his calm demeanor as they continued to shove and push to get a story out of him. "Loki!" One reporter called, "What do you have to say about the rumors of your new love affair? Is it true that you're no longer a threat to our planet?"

"My good people..." Loki did his absolute best to hide his smirk, he always tended to slip into a smirk when he was lying, but at the same time, he was doing his best to remain truthful. "I mean you no harm. You do not have to worry about me, I'm simply headed to the grocer. You see, the rumors are true, I have found love and redemption. I'm on my way to get my beloved something nice to eat. She's feeling ill from the attack yesterday." He thought that that would suffice the reporters and that would give them enough story to go off of, but was Loki ever surprised to learn just how pushy reporters can be. As he began to push his way through the mob of reporters holding sticks and weird boxes on their shoulders, he was nearly blinded at the sight of a bright flash in front of his face. He stepped back a little bit, dazed and then immediately glared at the person responsible for this action.

"I'm with Teen Vogue." Came a voice, and Loki turned to his side to see a young woman, presumably in her early 20s. (What was she doing with TEEN Vogue?) She held a weird thing in her hand that Loki could only assume was a camera. He'd heard of these, but never seen one in action yet. "Loki, can you tell me about your new love interest? What drew you to her? Was she the reason that you decided to stop terrorizing earth? How does your brother, Thor, feel about her?"

Loki began to feel claustrophobic as it became clear that the mob of people were beginning to swallow him whole. "Nicole is a wonderful human being. I adore the very ground she walks upon." He didn't answer half the questions before another round of questions came out of nowhere. Loki tried to think of responses as quickly as his brain would compute, but it ended up being in vein. It appeared that reporters were absolutely relentless and Loki had not had any preparation to get himself ready for a situation like this. He was used to being in control and in this situation, he felt a scary loss of such. "Please now, good people, no more questions." He was trying his best to remain polite, but they continued to shove the sticks in his face and they seemed to be getting closer and closer. Loki felt his magical energy start to swell within him, he no longer found this amusing. He wanted to lash out and obliterate all of them, but he remained calm. "Please..." He said nicely. "I really must be on my way to get Nicole something to eat. I've answered your questions as best as I could. If you'd please leave me alone, I'd appreciate it very much." This was borderline begging and Loki did NOT like this one bit. HE was supposed to be the star here. Instead, it was all about Nicole.

Loki pushed through the crowd and waved his hand at the other reporters who kept following him and continued to ask an incessant wave of questions, to which, they asked so quickly and all at once that Loki couldn't even comprehend what half the questions were. He felt himself starting to panic a little and he began to walk faster, faster and faster still much to his surprise the mob of reporters still followed. He growled deep in his chest and turned around to them, yelling. "I'VE ANSWERED YOUR QUESTIONS. LEAVE ME ALONE!" He realized his mistake quickly when he noticed that the reporters were dead silent now and all had their cameras and metal sticks pointed at him, as though expecting a speech or an attack on them. Had they been pestering him this whole time expecting him to snap at them? Risking their lives for a simple story was pathetic. Loki calmed down and started to look around nervously. "Please, I need to get some things for Nicole. She's not feeling well, hence why she's not with me. I love her dearly and I want to be home with her as soon as possible. I appreciate the interest, but I need to gather things for her." This seemed to have worked as the reporters began to back away slowly and dissipate.

Loki sighed, feeling relieved. He didn't know where he was going, but he was in hot water now because now, if they did decide to follow him, he'd have to actually go to some market place and purchase sustenance for Nicole. He didn't even know what sort of Midgardian food she liked. He just would have to assume what was palatable. He started to walk down a sidewalk and kept going until he reached something that appeared to be a place where food was sold. It had been Loki's first time in a grocery and Loki was completely enthralled with how efficient everything was in there. He walked down an aisle with things that appeared to be food and grabbed some. He grabbed a little bit from every aisle and only things that would fit in his hands. He saw something called "Campbells" in a metal tin thing, grabbed that. He saw something called "Tampax" in a colorful box, grabbed that. He saw an assortment of things that were colorful that smelled fruity, he could only assume that they were desserts, so he grabbed those as well. He managed to gran somethings that were familiar to him also, such as fruits, (which he could recognize were fruits because they looked similar on Asgard) and a jug of "milk", although milk from what he wasn't sure.

Loki scrambled to find money to purchase the items, feeling amazed that he managed to summon some counterfeit Asgardian gold from thin air. But thankfully, the human on the other side of the register didn't know the difference. Loki couldn't help but chuckle a little bit at how stupid Midgardians were and he left with the items in a plastic bag. He made his way back to the apartment, feeling proud of himself.

When he arrived, he looked around for Nicole, but did not see her right away and he simply set the bag of groceries down on the floor in front of the couch. He sighed, then laid across the couch unceremoniously. He was exhausted from dealing with those reporters...

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Thankfully for Nicole, Loki's ego and desire for attention convinced him to leave the apartment without her. Of course he just couldn't resist to rub more salt in her wounds before he left. She scowled at his retreating form, after he had placed a kiss on her cheek. She was mentally telling herself to not react, but she couldn't prevent the face or the spike of pain her heart felt. She had a feeling of dread, that he'd keep doing this as long as she reacted. After he left the apartment, she didn't fight the childish urge to throw a pillow at the door after he left. Nicole felt utterly helpless in this situation. She couldn't just leave now, she wanted answers, but kept having such dark thoughts. Maybe her mother had been right all this time, maybe Nicole was truly a monster after all.

If Tom was here, he'd tell, 'Love, you aren't a monster. You are the best person I have ever met. The light, my light in this dark world.' But..Tom wasn't here anymore. No..Tom has never been real, just a trick, an illusion played on a silly midgardian woman. Nicole shook her thoughts away and glanced at the tv. The moment Loki had stepped outside, the news had switched to the live footage of him talking with the reporters. She rolled her eyes as he played his little show. It had been her idea, but seeing it play out made her feel sick. None of this was real, it was just pretty little lies. She leaned down and grabbed the remote of the coffee table. She then clicked the power of the tv.

There was no sense in watching this, it would just hurt her more or confuse her. She needed to be careful and keep walls up between the two of them. She needed to make sure she didn't fall back into the illusion. He had agreed to a truce now, said he wanted to get to the bottom of this situation, but she knew that no matter what his pretty little mouth said he would shove a dagger into her back at some point. " Just don't forget, you are alone. Like you've always been, and always will be, until the end of time. Best not to forget it this time. " Tom had shown her that life could be more than darkness and misery, but Odin had shattered that illusion for her. This time, she wouldn't forget again, she wouldn't be the foolish one this time.

Pushing all thoughts aside for now, Nicole knew that with Mr. Look at Me, putting on his soon, that Thor would be by today. That meant she needed the apartment to look more together. She may not be able to play the lovesick fool anymore. Her love was dead, her heart frozen. But at least the place could facilitate the facade of a loving couple. With that decided she went to work. First she had to hide the sword, Loki had not taught her how to make it disappear. As she approached it, and grabbed the sword's hilt, it was still very heavy to lift, but did seem a bit lighter. It just had to be in her head. She lifted it slightly, her muscles protesting the action, but she ignored that as she dragged the sword to the bedroom. It took her longer than she liked to stuff the damn thing under the bed. She had to move numerous under bed storage totes, that Tom had insisted on.

After the damn sword was put away, she sought to clean up the mess she had made. It had just been earlier that day when she had threaten to leave. For a moment she had consider leaving once more. He wasn't here right now, she would still run to Avengers. She could tell them everything, jail be damned. Or, there was no running now, he'd find her, and then he wouldn't fake being so nice. She knew there was no way she stood a chance with her elementary powers. She sighed, before putting her clothing and suitcase away. It would look odd, if anyone came to visit and saw the mess in the bedroom. Once she had set the room back to rights, she had ventured back out to the main part of the apartment.

Nicole passed the broken picture from the night before picking up the pillow she had tossed at the door. She placed it back on the couch in it's correct spot. Returning to the broken picture, she picked up the broken frame and sighed. Staring up at her, was the smush smiling faces of a couple that would never be. Of the illusion that really never was. Well it didn't matter that the frame was damaged beyond repair, or that picture was damage from Loki's stamping on it the night before. "None of it was real anyways, I always told him, this thing between us was easily broken like glass. I had just started to believe him, that this real, how foolish of me. Pathetic really." She uttered, halfway to tears. With that, she tossed the whole frame picture and all into the trash, before adding the reminder of the glass into can.

Looking around the apartment, she didn't know what to do now. Nearly everywhere she looked was something that reminded her of the facade. Pictures of them that use to be snapshots of happier times, where now just images left to mock her. She wanted to scream, to pull out her hair, and cry like a mad women. To run about the apartment and rip down or throw out every single reminder. But it wouldn't help either of their goals. So she went to the only place that had the least reminders of him. In the bathroom she stood at the sink, hands clutching to the porcelain sides. She was trying to steady herself, trying to forget. Instead she manged to breakdown and cry in front of the damn mirror. She removed one hand from the sink, and grabbed at strands of her hair tightly, as if she was trying to use pain to stop her sobbing and tears. If he came back and found her like this, his mocking would just get worse.

"Ss-stop clam down.." She told herself between sobs. She looked at herself in the mirror, and felt something snapped. Seeing the mess she was, over this, the pathetic sight of herself, she screamed slammed her fist into the mirror over and over until it broke. Shards of glass cut her skin once more, but the pain and the blood, didn't feel like anything she felt in her heart. She sighed coming back to her self, with the pain from her new cuts. Well there wasn't going to be way to hide this from Loki. Frustrated with her self, she stomped left the bathroom with her injured hand, dripping blood. She hadn't realized Loki had returned and was on the couch. " Now, where did I put the first aid kit, and the tweezers?"
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