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Donator — They/Them Posted 10 months ago ( 2021/08/22 04:06:59 )

It had been some time after the war on New York City. Loki thought he'd had a fool proof plan to take over Midgard, but it proved to be in vein. He's been returned to Asgard nonetheless to stand trial in front of his own father and mother. He didn't expect them to be harsh with their own son, and true to Odin's nature, he wasn't. For punishment, he banished Loki to the very Midgard he had tried to overthrow... and as an added bonus, had erased all of Loki's memories. Which, for some, could be argued to be one of the worst punishments of all time.

Loki found true love on Midgard, where he'd been living his life... He had not a single memory of his life as a God on Asgard. But still, Loki's memories were not completely lost... were they?


Donator — They/Them Posted 10 months ago ( 2021/08/22 05:02:32 )

a demigod, brother of the beloved Thor, an Avenger. He is centuries old, though his exact age is unknown.
His powers include illusion casting, astral projection, shapeshifting, teleportation and superhuman strength and durability.

Donator — She/Her Posted 10 months ago ( 2021/08/22 05:22:19 )
Nicole Nelson

⊱ — Twenty-Seven
⊱ — Human - Reincarnation of Agrarian Syn (she is unaware of this) Past look(basically she's blonde, in her old form)..
⊱ — Nicole is unaware of her magic abilities or her prior life, as her mother has been sealing her magic through various means. As far as she knows, she is your average boring human living in normal American life. She has a twin brother, she is the eldest.
⊱ — When her magic awakens, she'll have good defensive magic ability, she'll be able to cast various enchantments(like making it so no one can lift a weapon, or such), she can use Conjuration, she can enthrall others but hates the ability. Her magic may grow as she learns more of her past life, as her prior form loved to study and learn all sorts of magic, but only actively used her skills of defensive enchantments as during her time magic was looked upon. There is a chance she could have enhanced speed, strength and stamina after her awakening but with training. Otherwise unless a major within her, she's just a plain human.


Donator — They/Them Posted 10 months ago ( 2021/08/22 06:31:22 )
Smiling, he looked at the love of his life at the other end of the table. He lifted his glass to her, "Cheers, my darling." he said to her. They'd been dating for a while now, much longer than Loki had even time to adjust to. He felt as though he'd known her his whole life. Nicole was the kind of woman that he was just immediately drawn to. Maybe it was fate, who knew?But regardless of the Gods or whatever it was that brought them together, Loki knew he wanted to spend an eternity with this woman. He was now a refined and reformed gentleman, not recalling a single thing about his past on Asgard or even his attack on New York City. This was his "punishment" now, but maybe it was truly a blessing in disguise?

Loki smiled at his beloved as he watched her from the rim of his cup. He had a surprise for her that he was excited to share. As said before, they'd been dating a while... Loki was used to living a lonely life. He'd had his fair share of "encounters" with princesses and even sometimes other princes on Asgard, but the new Loki, the one that Odin had banished to Midgard... Well, Earth, as Loki now called it, was determined to live a productive life. Maybe one with a new start... This new and (improved?) Loki was dedicated to being an average "American" man now, with an American Dream of a house with a white picket fence with a pregnant wife and a dog. Loki thought his dreams were about to come true. "Nicole..." He said softly. Well, as softly as he could in the noisy area. They'd been coming to this particular cafe ever since they had started dating. It was a quaint little place in a lovely East Coast town. Loki had grown fond of it....

"Nicole, there's something I'd like to ask you..." With that, Loki slipped out of his chair and dropped down to one knee. "Nicole... Will-"

But the sound of a nearby scream had drawn Loki out of the moment. All these years he'd been trapped on Earth and he had never heard a blood curdling scream like that since his attack on New York City. Suddenly, there was a loud blast that shot through a wall in the cafe, causing Loki to panic. He fumbled with the small ring box he'd kept in his back pocket and dropped it as he shot up to his feet. He reached out to grab Nicole, but there was another explosion that sent him flying backwards and away from his girlfriend. He didn't know what had quite literally hit them, but whatever it was, it was large and appeared to be attempting to murder everyone in the cafe, perhaps every everyone on the block. Loki screamed out Nicole's name, hoping she'd hear and would run to him, but something had burst through the ceiling and threatened to drop on top of Nicole and crush her to her death... Loki could not have this.

He jumped over a toppled table and rushed to her side in lightening speed... Or, did he? He hadn't realized, but he'd actually moved so quickly that he teleported right to her side. He leaned over her in a futile attempt to protect her from the falling debris, but in his efforts, and as he hovered over his beloved, he squeezed his eyes shut, thinking that this would be the last moment they spent together alive. He waited for the moment of death to sweep over him, but it never came... He was confused. Loki slowly peeled open his eyes and glanced over his shoulder to see that the rocks and heavy debris were floating in mid-air in a green mist of aura.

In that moment, his memory had returned... What was he doing here? He was clearly on Midgard, but who was this woman he was "protecting"?? Loki slowly lifted himself up to stand completely and he used his Aesir magic to throw the rocks out of the way. He felt a surge of Asgardian energy flow through him and his memories came flooding back. He was a GOD amongst these men, he had no reason to run and hide in fear. He looked at the woman beneath him and tutted. "I'm sorry, love." He said softly. Even though his memories of being a God and a God of Mischief at that had come back, he could remember the days he'd spent with this woman, falling love and courting. It felt like a fever dream, but he could somewhat remember it all the same.

He recognized her, but at the same time, she looked like a stranger in his eyes. He turned away from her, no longer feeling the same feelings he once did for her. Without looking back, he used his magic to transform his dull suit into fine Asgardian leather and battle gear. He even donned his golden horns. He felt alive again. He smiled wickedly... This was how things were meant to be. Now, to go and find this creature or whatever it was that was destroying his city... He wasn't sure what he'd do once he found the source of the destruction. Maybe he'd just sit back and watch it continue to destroy the city, or maybe he'd try to reason with it and team up? The possibilities were endless, but before he departed, he looked back at the woman and saw a lifetime of joyful possibilities flash before his eyes. He looked away before he became too attached to them, that was not his purpose....

Donator — She/Her Posted 10 months ago ( 2021/08/22 20:32:00 )
Life as Nicole had known it had never been better. Here she was beaming at the love of her life on the side of the table. As he started a toast, she lifted her own glass mimicking him. "Cheers". They had been dating for awhile now, and it felt so much like a dream to her. It must be fate..right? Here they were in the same café, they met all that time ago, their regular spot. Her mother had insisted she was foolish, that it was only a matter of time before a man as charming and successful as Tom would leave her. Nicole just knew that was meant to be, that she would spend eternity with this man, that there was no other path in her life because all roads led to him.

Nicole couldn't help but smile at her darling. Whenever she was in a room with him, she couldn't but focus all her attention on him, as if no one else existed. The few relationships she had prior never lasted this long, but she knew if the fiber of her being Tom was just going to change her life forever. Before she met Tom in this sleepy east coast town, she was just the extra twin, the burden her mother couldn't stand. While Nickolas her twin, and younger brother was the family golden child, who had moved up to NYC and was the delight of her mother's eyes, she had been forced to stay here. Or well at least convinced to stay, because according to her mother Nicole would just fail. Meeting Tom and eventually agreeing to date him, led her to become a improved Nicole, who had enough confidence to stand up to her own mother.

She had even dared to move out of her childhood home, and live with her boyfriend. She was working towards perusing her dreams. She had gone to college, and got a stable office job, but Nicole had always wanted more but never dared to dream until Tom. This man who told her she could achieve her dreams, and her purpose wasn't to waste away in some dead end job. Though her dreams now included a certain dreamy eyes husband at her side, and possibly some cliché American dreams lifestyle. "Yes Tom?" Nicole bit her lip nervously, she was hoping that maybe todays date, might be the proposal she had been dreaming about.

As he mentioned that there was something he liked to ask her, she nodded her head as if saying, 'oh yes, and what is it'. Her eyes widen and expression of omg is it really happening spread across her face when he dropped down to one knee in front her her. Finally! all her dreams were about to come true.., but she never got to hear the rest of his question, as the sounds of blood curdling scream cut the moment short. In all her life, living in this sleepy town Nicole had never experienced a moment like this. While she had scene news reports of Invasion of New York City and hear stories from her brother nothing like that happened here.

The screams of peoples were followed by the sounds of a loud blast and the crash of brick. Another blast happened and suddenly Tom was no longer in front of her, and various debris was around her. Nicole rouse to her feet trying to find her boyfriend. "Tom!?! Are you alright, Tom?" She couldn't even think of running to safety, not without him. Nicole knew based on stories and safety instructions that the Avengers had put out after similar attacks, that she needed to get out of there and get somewhere safe. As she took a few steps intent on finding Tom, whatever was attacking had either burst through the ceiling or caused the ceiling to collapse. As Nicole looked up as the rubble came towards her, all she could think was 'Of course I'm going to die on what should have been the happiest day of my life'

Yet suddenly Tom was at her side, holding her closely. She wasn't sure how he could have gotten over here, it was almost like he had teleported, but at least she would die with the man she loved. She squeezed her eyes shut, expecting this would be her last moments... but suddenly everything around her seemed to have just stopped. It was almost if someone had hit pause on the chaos around them. Nicole could faintly hear the sounds of surprise gasping. Nicole opened her eyes as she felt Tom start to step away from her. She had managed to see the end of green like magic throwing the rocks away. Was Tom doing that? Or was one of the Avengers of million superheroes out there doing that. Nicole didn't understand, and when her love apologized to her she was even more confused.

"What..? I don't understand.. we can talk ab--" Whatever she had been going to say, as she stared at his back in confusion died on her lips as his clothing begin to transform. Nicole vaguely heard someone else gasp and then scream before running off, shouting something about how they were under attacked from Loki. Yet she was routed to this spot, as her loving boyfriend transformed into the very Loki who had attacked NYC with an army. Her expression went from confusion, to alarm, slight horror and back to confusion. "You're Loki..?" She asked, hoping this was all some fever dream. Or maybe she was dead, and this was a personal hell. Was this how the female character felt in Megamind, when her boyfriend turned out to be the Villain?

When he looked back at her, she could tell from the expression, that whatever future they might have was gone. Like the building had crashed around them, it appeared that so too would her life and relationship. She knew the smart thing would be to run off, search for safety and try to resume a normal life. If people thought she was mixed up with him she could go to jail, but she didn't care. A thousand questions were running through her mind, why would someone as powerful as him, date someone as ordinary as her? Was this a joke? Had he been using her for some evil scheme, but that had to be crazy right? What could some office worker offer a son of asgard. Shaking of her thoughts, she needed answers not speculation. She looked down at the ground for a moment and saw the ring box that Tom... no Loki had been about to propose with. She reached down and picked it up before holding it out to him. "Wait. You'll want this back before you go" She muttered bitterly.

Of course it had all too good to be true. Even if he wasn't the "bad guy", he wouldn't stay with her. Her mother had been right, she had been so foolish to think that finally someone could love her. "I don't understand, what could you have possibly gained from this? Was any of this--no, that's foolish to ask isn't it? " She was hurt, she was angry and on the verge of being brokenhearted. As far as she could see it, Loki had spent years pretending to be some normal guy, who had courted her had convinced her to let her walls down and let him in, to what destroy the illusion by almost killing her? Nothing of this possibly made any sense.


Donator — They/Them Posted 10 months ago ( 2021/08/22 22:13:19 )
Just before Loki had began to step away from Nicole, the woman he'd loved for a rather long time, but in another life, it seemed... She asked him to wait. For some reason, he did. Not because he actually cared about her, rather because he was curious about what she might say or do. She gave him the ring back and Loki looked at it curiously. It was a rather underwhelming thing, not made of the finest gold or silver like that which could be found on Asgard, but it seemed to mean a lot to this one woman. As though her whole life were wrapped up in it. He took the ring, examined it and then tossed it aside. It was probably a dagger in her back, but that was what Loki was known for... Stabbing loved ones in the back. Especially with daggers.

With Loki's memories coming back, he just vaguely remembered that Odin had sentenced him to a meager life on Midgard with no previous memories of being a God on Asgard. He'd given him a false identity to live under and an alias, "Tom Hiddleston". But now that Loki had shed his mortal alias, he was ready to get back out into the world and destroy more things... conquer more. He turned away and started to walk off, but the woman hadn't run away from him. Was she not afraid of his power? Who was this woman? She asked him a question that he felt he did not need to answer. What could he have gained from it? Well, there was very little gain. But it was certainly satisfying to know he ruined someone's life... "You mortals are not worth my time, nor do I owe you an explanation.... love." He spat the word 'love' like it was poisonous.

"Now, if you're done wasting my time, I have a throne to claim." He couldn't fly like Thor, so jumping in the air and disappearing wasn't in the cards for him. Unfortunately, Loki had to walk everywhere he was trying to go. So he brushed his shoulders of the dust particles from the falling debris and began to walk away from the woman, not once looking back at her. He had a renewed sense of purpose now that his memories were back. Although, first on his agenda was to finish what he'd started; Taking over Midgard. Maybe after that he'd do his best to humiliate his brother and father for placing such a cruel punishment on him. Loki had always been lonely, but to give him the opportunity to fall in love and have the possibility of a happy life with a loving spouse, that was beyond cruel and completely unacceptable to Loki. His father and brother would both suffer dearly for this humiliation.

Donator — She/Her Posted 10 months ago ( 2021/08/23 00:18:47 )
Nicole didn't expect, Loki, this was Loki to take the ring from her. She had expected him to ignore her to turn away, and not waste a second on her. But he seem to wait, to take it. She wonder just had much further he would go to crush her heart. When he tossed the ring aside like it was nothing she had her answer. She glanced at it as it fell, as if it was symbolic of her entire life crashing around her. She couldn't help but think briefly, it would have been better if he had let the ceiling crush her, then to know the reality of it all. With the curtain peeled away from her eyes, she would have lot to figure out in the coming days. A lot of mourning to do as well.

Of all the times her Mother had to be right, it would be now. Nicole was foolish. If she wasn't she would be here trying to make sense of it all. She'd be running for the hills, be thanking her lucky stars that he was bored with her and ended the whole charade, before he had married her. Yet instead all she could hear was the whisper of some far off voice, asking if she'd like him speak to her like that, and telling her if she let him go any damage he caused would be her fault. Like she could stop someone like him, but well she'd try.

She would later wonder if the events of the rest of the day, were set in motion by having met him. When he was Tom he had convinced her to stop her monthly visits with her mother. She treats you so badly, she disrespects you, she doesn't act like a mother who suppose to love you, he insisted. Well with someone to back her up, she had stopped visiting her mother. Which meant she no longer had to endure her mother's strange smoothies that she had been forcing her to drink. Her mother claimed it would make her daughters loose weight, or looked pretty..etc, but they always had tasted so foul. She wouldn't it then, but the lack of those potion filled smoothies would unlock more than freedom.

Ever the fool rushing in, she hurried after him. "Wasting your time, if anyone here wasted someone's time it be you. You wasted years of my life and for what some sick joke?". She shouted at his retreating form. Of course a few words were highly unlikely to stop the god of mischief from going about and making mischief. As if controlled by some strange power, she thrusted her hand out and muttered a strange string of words. "Listen to me when I am talking to you. I think your so called throne can wait five more minutes".

Nicole didn't realize at the time she had thrown up some sort of barrier in Loki's path. Due to her lack of skill, it wouldn't last for long, but it would be the perfect distraction. It might even last long enough, for some thunder to roll in.

Donator — They/Them Posted 10 months ago ( 2021/08/23 00:55:05 )
Huffing, Loki continued to ignore this woman who kept seemingly chasing after him. He had no time for this... His throne awaited! A sick joke? Was that what this was? Regardless, Loki was good at jokes, he thought many things were funny. Just like the time he'd cut Lady Sif's hair while she was sleeping... for literally absolutely no reason other than he thought it was funny. If this was a joke it was terribly elaborate. He wanted to turn to her and yelled, 'YEARS of MY life were wasted too! But she wasn't worth the time. He continued to ignore her, but there was something strange that had happened suddenly. As a master of magic, he sensed something was off...

Before he knew it, a barrier was thrown up before him, blocking his path. He looked at it with wide eyes, then looked back at the woman who'd cast it. Could she..? Did she...??? He probably could have saved time teleporting directly to her, but he didn't want to waste too much energy on her. He was a talented sorcerer, true, but his powers had limits as well. He used energy every time he used his magic. He walked up to her, a threatening gaze across his face. He got into her face, staring at her intensely, "Who the hell are you?" He asked, no, demanded this from her. He loomed over her and put a hand on her shoulder as he glared at her for answers.

But the sound of thunder rolling in caused him to slowly lose his mighty pride and he slowly, carefully let go of her shoulder and backed away. He had only a few split seconds to leave if he weren't to be caught by his thunderous brother. But the barrier was still blocking his path, even though it didn't last a terribly long time, it was definitely long enough to keep him stranded until his brother arrived. "You idiot!" He called to her as he realized he was trapped. "What are you trying to do?!" He found that he was beginning to have a small sense of panic as the thunder grew closer and he knew exactly what that meant... His brother would soon arrive and carry him back off to Asgard. But he would have nothing of that place, never again.

Before his brother could arrive he reached out and grabbed Nicole by the neck, using his ability to unmask weapons from air, he summoned a short dagger and placed it at her throat, ready to use her for ransom if his brother dared try to get near him. "Don't fight it" he whispered in her ear. She meant absolutely nothing to him, and maybe this was a stupid idea seeing as how she probably possessed some sort of powers, but he wasn't about to let this all go down like this. He'd come out victorious one way or another... for once. He pressed the dagger close to her neck, but not drawing blood. "Looks like we'll be seeing a lot more of each other than we expected.... love." Again with the word, bu this time he laughed at it, to think of how foolish he was to have fallen in love with a human! To think of how foolish any of this pathetic human life was. When the Avengers arrived and their silhouettes began to show through the smoke and ash, Loki called out to them, "Dare come any closer and I'll kill her!"

Donator — She/Her Posted 10 months ago ( 2021/08/23 02:11:35 )
Nicole didn't really get what happening, but suddenly it seemed like Loki couldn't go any further. Maybe the Scarlet Witch was nearby, but her magic was normally red..right? She quickly glanced around trying to see if one of the Avengers had arrived. Yet the next thing she knew Loki was stalking up to her. When he demanded who the hell she was and touched her, it was her turn to look confused. "I should be asking you that, what are you talking about? He didn't think whatever barrier was there was from her did he? Nicole never had powers in her entire life, she was normal as person could come..right? Yet for some reason he seemed to think otherwise.

Nicole didn't have long to dwell on any of this madness, but the sound of thunder was getting louder. That typically either meant a sudden storm, or a certain Avenger was about to show up. "Trying to do? I'm not doing anything, you're the one with the magic here, what are doing?" Just as the barrier came crashing down, Loki was grabbing her by the neck and placing a dagger at her neck.

Don't fight it he says, as he hold a sharp weapon to his neck. Did he really think her stupid? If she knew more than basic self defense move, she wouldn't try to something to an attacker who held a knife to her next. It was strange being this close to him, know that the man who once held her through the night was nothing but an illusion. The closeness was enough to make her heart ache, it was a stark reminder of how everything had changed in moment.

As he shouted the threat on her life, she finally noticed the group of approaching avengers. The group seemed to glance between each other and could vaguely hear Captain American and Iron Man both say something, but she was unable to make out what the say, as loudest Avenger boomed over them "Brother! I have looked for you everywhere! Father would not tell me where he had sent you. Loki let her go!" Of course Thor would try to be the first to get in a word with his brother. But unlike the other avengers Thor knew that Loki hadn't attacked his town. The banishment their father had given him, wouldn't allow Loki his powers unless he had done something worthy. Brother, you and I both know the only reason you can do any of this!"

Nicole had to wonder if Thor was instead of the god of putting his foot in his mouth, instead of thunder. Did he know anything about his brother, did Loki seem the type to back down because the brother he claimed to hate told him to? "Who so tactful" She muttered sarcastically. She was sure only Loki should be able to hear her. Now if only she could get out of this situation without a lovely line on her neck. If she could just turn his dagger into some flowers, she might be able to get away. Of course she didn't recognize the glow of her powers that seem to just do that. He may be able to conjure weapons, but it seemed he wasn't the only one with summoning skills.

Donator — They/Them Posted 10 months ago ( 2021/08/23 02:50:11 )
Ah, so she decided to play dumb. This woman was definitely more than she let on to be... whether or not she was genuine with him, Loki really didn't have time to decipher. Before he knew it the Avengers were approaching, surrounding them and Loki was once again trapped , this time with a woman's neck under his palm and his dagger to her throat. Loki snarled at Thor as his brother got closer, this only made him press the dagger further into Nicole's skin, although he did his best to not draw blood.

After his brother had asked... rather too nicely for him to let Nicole go, Loki smirked. And when she made that snark remark, he chuckled. She seemed entertaining. "Sorry, Brother..." He said, and he slowly, carefully backed away from Thor and the other Avengers, still holding the woman tightly under his grip. "This one is staying with me." Loki knew exactly what their father's little curse was. He wasn't happy about it, either. Did Thor really expect him to just let this woman go and forgive all and everything would go back to being happy and healthy the way it was when they were children? No. Loki was done with fantasies.

"Dare come closer, Brother and I'll kill her." To further his threat he pressed the dagger deeper into her skin. "That goes for all of you... heh... Avengers." He didn't realize that his grip on her neck had tightened as well, but frankly, he didn't care. He was destined to be a King of Midgard and he'd happily kill anyone who stood in his way. Although, he was more tempted to keep this strange woman around... If she couldn't use these powers she clearly had, maybe he could use that to his advantage?

He made an attempted to back further away with her in his grip, but just as he was about to press the dagger further into her flesh, he felt something strange in his hand and looked down to see the weapon he was holding had now been changed into.. flowers?! He was confused and his other hand released Nicole's neck. Angrily, he threw down the flowers and glared at her. "What are you doing?!" He yelled. "You know, I've never seen a human so desperate for me to kill them!" The threat was empty, but he hoped she'd not know better. He turned and crushed the flowers beneath his boot. He conjured another weapon and thought about chasing after her, but instead decided to make a getaway. He turned to the Avengers and blew a kiss to his brother, mockingly, "Goodbye, Brother..." He said gently, cheekily, but gently and he used all of the energy he had left to teleport to another place...

Donator — She/Her Posted 10 months ago ( 2021/08/23 23:11:20 )
Really today just wasn't Nicole's day. Loki wanted to keep her at his side, not because he loved her like he had been telling her for ages, but to use her to get away from the Avengers. Did that mean he was behind the attack? But if that were the case, he wouldn't have looked so caught off guard, right? Like this as far as she knew was the first "reappearance" of Loki since Battle of New York. Not that she had the time to think, not with him pressuring the dagger deeper into her neck. She hissed slightly as felt the sting of cut fleshed. Like a paper cut, but worse. She could only hope this wasn't going to end with her bleeding out in the middle of the road.

It seemed that her pain was not to end there, as his grip got stronger on her throat and the dagger pressed deeper, she was finding it harder to breath. "Hurts..." She croaked out her voice sounding as if she had swollen tonsils or a sore throat. As he attempted to drag her backwards, she could have swore the blade to her neck felt different. Just as she had been thinking, it'd be nicer if his dagger was something a ridiculous as flowers, the universe decided to grant the request. When he had released her and screamed at her Nicole was struck dumb for a moment. Was he playing with her? Could he read minds, and decided to trick her turning it into flowers, to lure her into a false sense of security?

'Pay Attention, Pay Attention'

Snapping back to reality, just as he turned and crushed the flower, Nicole saw her chance. This time she didn't try to play the hero, or the role of spurned girlfriend. No this time she ran. She didn't turn towards the Avengers and run expecting them to keep her safe, nor did she run pass Loki. She took the third option and ran to the left, where the EMT's, the agents and civilians stood out of harm's way. Once she was safely in the area, some agent had rushed her over to the nearest EMT to look at her wound. It didn't take them long to stop the bleeding and get a bandage on it. The real delay was trying to convince them, that no she was fine, she didn't need to go to a hospital No really, she just wanted to go home. Rather unfortunately, what finally convinced them to let her go, was someone else hurt much worse than her.

Nicole's adventure didn't stop there though. Since her wound was all treated and she wasn't being rushed to the hospital now she was stuck dealing with nosy shield agents. They wanted her statement on everything, and well what was she suppose to tell them. Yeah, it turns out that my boyfriend of two years, was about to propose, but then the building exploded. Right as I about die, sh-, I almost died, it turns out my boyfriend, was Loki himself. Ain't that just great, cause you know hey he almost killed me today. No she couldn't tell them that, if she did they would take her into custody to make sure, she wasn't working with him or behind this. At least she was assuming, she didn't know, but she wanted to go home and cry.

So she answered their questions, but omitted the details that dinner date was Loki himself. It seemed to work, but after a few hours they let her go home. Home..where all her real work would begin. Where she'd have to take down all pictures of the two of them, where she'd have to box up her stuff. What was she going to tell her friends, her family? What if his boss called her when he didn't show up for work. She didn't expect Loki to keep up Tom's job. She couldn't even imagine sleeping in the bed the two of them had shared for the last year. She'd have to sleep on the couch.

As she made her way to her apartment, Nicole didn't realize dealing with the "breakup" would be the least of her worries. She didn't have her phone or purse, those were both probably buried in some rubble at the cafe. If she had her phone, she would have gotten the call from her brother telling her about how she'd had been on the news. How people had take video of 'Tom' saving her and turning into Loki. She was unware that right as she walked up the stairs, the news networks were combing through her's and tom's Instagram's. Both which were filled with pictures of the two of them, on trips, hiking and other typical couple stuff. She wasn't aware of the articles popping up online asking, had Loki given up domination for love? Had she tamed him, and other such ridiculous stories. She didn't even know that both the Avengers and the News had figured out that Loki had nothing to do with the attack earlier day.

Nicole had finally made it to her door, she grabbed the spare key from the hiding spot Tom had insisted on. Little false rock in their potted plant. She unlocked her door, and stepped inside. The first thing she noticed was the photo on the wall, from their London trip. At the sight of happier times, and the reality that none of it was real, she couldn't help but start to cry with loud sobs that wracked her whole body. She barely managed to shut the door, before she slumped to the floor crying. She didn't even think to check if she was alone. Instead there she was on the floor sobbing, with a blood soak shirt and a neck with a very dark handprint shaped burise. She was the definition of a mess right then.

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Traveling through space and time was simple, it just took a lot of energy and Loki had to stop midway through his journey to where he was trying to go.. Unfortunately, he was not at all very familiar with this area. He'd spent a couple of years living under Tom's name, going to work and dating Nicole. But that was a very minimalist life he had led, and he wasn't very certain of hidden areas in which he'd usually use to disappear and hide when things were looking hairy for him.

He transported himself into the apartment where he spent a year living with this.. stranger; "Nicole". It was dark, small, but seemed like a decent home for the two of them. He was completely out of energy, having used a lot of it to conjure weapons and to hide from the Avengers. He knew sooner of later someone would come back to the apartment, but until then, he had a moment to breathe while he was there. Loki took the moment to study his surroundings. Slowly, he peeked through the hallways of the apartment, looking around at the many pictures of the two of them that were scattered about the walls. He stopped to look at one picture on a side table in particular, it looked to be a picture of them at some festivity. A mere human form of entertainment indeed... But the more Loki examined the picture, the closer he got to it, the more he could see just how happy he looked. Not only did he look happy, but the woman at his side looked rather pleased as well. He sighed, perhaps he could have had the perfect life after all.

Shaking his head out of the fantasy, he realized quickly that world domination had no time for love. He growled and knocked the picture off the side table, letting it crash to the floor. The frame cracked and the two happy lovers stared up at him with their gleaming smiles as if mocking Loki. In his anger, he gruffly pressed the heel of his boot onto the picture and smothered them... crushing the frame even more and partially ripping the photo out of it's little protective frame's sleeve. He was angry enough to spit on the photo just out of spite, but being royalty, spitting was too crude for him. He decided to rest and regain his energy and he walked away from the picture of the floor.

Loki had to lay low for a while. He had assumed that the woman was taken off by an ambulance. Ah, the frailty of the human body. She'd probably be out of his life for at least a couple of days and the apartment would be his to regain energy and form a plan. He walked into the bedroom that he shared with this woman. It was... quaint. Their bed was neatly made, some cute plushies sat on the pillows and Loki snarled at them... Pathetic. Even as a child, Loki often didn't bother himself with plush toys. He'd rather focus his attention on magic... and to be fair, he found himself spending time with his mother was more enjoyable and comforting than any soft toy would be.

He did not turn on any lights in the apartment, instead, preferring to skulk around in the darkness. It happened to be that Loki was exhausted. Regaining his powers had taken more energy from him than he'd anticipated, probably because they'd laid dormant for so long. He didn't even have the energy to use magic to remove his golden Asgardian. He ended up taking off his helm and setting it down carefully on the side table drawer next to the bed. This was not out of respect for the room, but rather out of respect for his own things. He didn't want his horns ruined after all! Without much thought, Loki decided to slide onto the bed and lay down to stare at the ceiling. Oddly enough, he could tell that they didn't wash the sheets that often. They smelled so much of scented body wash that it made Loki's head spin.

He closed his eyes and sucked in a long breath. He'd simply rest here for a short while, as Loki knew better than to stay in one place for too long. He had to constantly be moving if he didn't want the Avengers or SHIELD to find him. He didn't realize just how quickly time moved until he heard a door open, his eyes snapped wide open and he sat up in the bed, curious. But he wasn't quick to make any movement or noise, he didn't want to be caught just yet. He listened carefully for a few long moments of silence. He slowly and quietly slipped out of the bed and got to his feet, moving towards the door as quiet as a shadow on a wall...

He heard a slump and then pathetic wailing sobs. He chuckled, it was clearly that woman. She was much... hm, much wittier than he gave her credit for. He had expected her to be wound up in a hospital room being treated for that neck, not at all back in her own apartment. But what was she crying for? Certainly their love wasn't that strong that she actually missed him? Loki didn't know much about love, for he'd spent a lot of time on Asgard by himself. He had the occasional princess..... and prince be the center of his attention, but nothing ever as committed as what he'd likely experienced with Nicole. He could vaguely remember the times they'd spent together, and he knew he was happy in that moment, but now that he'd regained himself, he knew happiness was a fleeting emotion. It never lasted. And now this poor woman was experiencing that firsthand.

He cracked open the door to the bedroom and her sobs grew louder. For a moment, he felt a sting in the back of his heart for her... IT appeared that even though he no longer loved her, a part of him that used to love her still hurt when it heard her cry. He growled, not liking this new part of him. He didn't have the energy to conjure anymore weapons, so he couldn't really threaten her, but he slowly, slowly approached. She didn't seem to notice him... Good. This would make the threatening part much easier if he had the element of surprise. He was very quiet as he got closer to her, still moving slowly. Her tears were pathetic. Snot and blood on her face made her look even more of a mess. He couldn't see what he found attractive about her, in this moment, she looked hideous.

When he got close enough that she could see him, he pressed a finger to his lips and whispered, "Shhhh...." It was supposed to be threatening, but he could see that it could possibly be misinterpreted. He needed answers and it appeared that this woman had... powers of some sort. Perhaps she did not understand, but with that kind of power at his side, Loki was convinced that he'd not lose his throne to the Avengers again. He could easily manipulate a strong power like that and use it to his advantage. But how was he going to earn her trust? He could just resort to threatening like he always did, usually when people were scared they'd cave, but maybe she needed a different approach?

Loki glared at her and whispered, "It's been a long day..." He decided that maybe a more gentler approach would gain her trust, but he'd still make sure that she feared him. For without fear, there would be no cooperation. "You ruined a perfect opportunity for me... What do you suppose I should do to you?" He loved mind games. He watched her carefully and noticed the bruise he'd left on her neck. He didn't realize he'd been pressing that hard, but at the same time, human bodies were weak and frail. He'd probably bruise her just by tapping on her shoulder. As he got closer, he hovered over her menacingly as though he were playing with his food. "Tell me... love." He chuckled. It was fun teasing her like this...

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The very first thing Nicole should have done once she walked into her apartment was make sure she was alone. It wasn't not turn on the lights and crash to the floor and cry your eyes out because your boyfriend. She should have made sure she was safe, and that said crazy ex boyfriend wasn't using the one shared apartment to hide out. Yet here she was on the floor, sobbing hysterically. She looked far from attractive right now, heck she wouldn't even want her own mother to see her like this. So of course it was her luck that Loki would see her like this, because why would nightmare of day end early.

Nicole didn't even hear Loki approach, he was either masking his own steps or her grief so so much that she wasn't aware of the rest of the world around her. What broke the spell of her grief, was the sudden Shhh. It sounded like Tom and for a foolish moment she thought maybe the whole day was a bad dream. Her head snapped upwards and her eyes landed on Loki and for a second she dare to look hopeful. But the moment she realized that no isn't wasn't Tom, but Loki in front of her, any hope in her blue/green eyes died. Instead of grief she felt a sense of dread. Was he finally done with his game, did he come here to finish her off. To get rid of the foolish human who dared to think someone like him might want her?

As he asked about what he should do with her, Nicole knew she was dead. Tomorrow or maybe a few days from now when the smell got bad enough, someone would find her decomposed body. Maybe she should have SHEILD the full truth. She tried to scramble backwards to put more distance between the two of them, but she only had a few inches before her back hit the door. All she was doing was staring up at him in pure terror. She felt around the floor with her hand, and her fingers landed on the broken picture frame on the ground.

She hadn't even noticed that when she walked in. She could feel with her fingers that the frame was toast, and the glass broken into shard. Deciding to be utterly reckless, she grabbed the largest chunk and held it out in front her, as if that would someone stop him. Really all she was doing was cutting her own hand open, by trying to use it was a weapon. "Stay back!". She was annoyed that he was calling her love, hadn't he made it clear today that none of that was real? "Don't call me that! Why are you here? Haven't you ruined my life enough? What more do you want of me?'


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It shocked Loki when Nicole grabbed the piece of glass and held it out towards him, but he laughed instead. As if! It's ridiculous that she thought she could so much as try to make him back off. Even if she were to cut him, it'd be no more painful than a leaf tapping his skin. He kept his distance though not out of fear, but rather to see the full picture. More out of curiosity. "... Don't fool yourself. You're not completely useless to me.. Not yet." He took the opportunity to come a little closer. He could see the blood dripping from her hand and he chuckled, he couldn't help it. It wasn't as though it were exactly a 'funny' situation, it was just amusing to Loki just how foolish this woman could be. She clearly didn't know him or what he was capable of at all.

"I don't plan to kill you yet, you can drop your... weapon." He stopped only a few inches away from her. He didn't love her anymore, not like Tom did, but he still found her just as entertaining. "There's something you're not telling me." He turned away from her, giving her a chance to compose herself. He let out a long sigh, "We could make a wonderful alliance, you and I. But your power is..." His hand circled in the air as he tried to search his brain for an appropriate word. "...unbridled. I can help you with this." He was attempting to strike a deal. She was clearly unaware of her power, it was obvious. If she knew just how to control the power she had, she wouldn't be cowering in a corner with a piece of broken glass in her hand.

"Everything has changed, this is true. But who knows, maybe we could still have a future?" He was playing on her biggest desires. Especially now that she'd lost the love of her life, and knowing now that Tom was about to propose, she'd probably be vulnerable enough to agree to it. He was curious about her and certainly would not want to kill her just yet. If she could learn to use her power and maintain them, they could be a force to be reckoned with. Although, he'd have to kill her eventually... no one would outshine him anymore. He'd make certain of that... But for now, he'd entertain the idea of having a powerful ally at his side. She could get what she was wanting too, a short time with him.

He wasn't sure when he'd have to kill her. Maybe after he got what he needed, or once she proved herself to be no longer useful. Which were two entirely different things. If she were a good enough partner, he'd make her death quick and easy. But for now, he'd give her a sense of false hope and hopefully.. just hopefully, she'd take the bait.

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Of course her attempt at self defense would be useless. He had led an army into new york and fought the avengers. What would little glass from a picture frame do to him. He was keeping distance, but he wasn't scared. He was laughing at her. The only use this glass would have to her, was if she wanted to take her own life to prevent him from his goal. Yet she had a feeling his end goal would include her death. Really all around it was a lose lose situation for him. "I said stay back! She shouted at him as he stepped closer. She wasn't completely useless to him? "Stop speaking in riddles, just spit it out"

While he said she could drop her weapon, she wasn't going to do that. He could summons weapons out of thin air, and she had no idea he was out of magic. She looked at him in confusion when he proclaimed there was something she wasn't telling him. She had told Tom everything, there was nothing else to tell. He knew all her secrets, all her fears, her past and frankly any little mundane detail about her. The moment he turned away from her, she took the moment to rise to her feet. She still held the shard out between the two of them. She couldn't dare risk letting it drop. She scoffed when he mentioned power. "You are crazier than I thought, if you think I have power. You may not be Tom, but I can see clear as day, you have all his memories. "

Ah.. that's why he was here. He was going to try and convince her that she had some special power, get her involved in schemes with fake promises of love, and then leave her out to dry. It was cliche alright, almost good enough to be some lifetime movie with a supervillain twist. "Don't try that card, Mister. There is no future for us. I don't want a future with someone bent on world domination. I'm not looking to rule over people or hurt them. So really, you might as well go on and kill me. I'm not going to dance with the devil for some fake promise of love, to get the dagger in my back. You might as well end it here."

It's not like he was going to change his mind, or even decided to pursue a future a with her. Not that she'd want someone like him. She wasn't blind she could see he was hot, and if he shared any similar traits with Tom he was brilliant. But Loki, he was mad, for desire for revenge for slights she couldn't understand. He'd rather ruin himself to prove a point to his family, than be better than this. "You'd rather ruin yourself and the world with all the power, than to use it to be the hero. You could be a more memorable hero than Thor, everyone loves a redemption story. But you'd rather waste it. It's clear that this life with me, was some punishment from your father, really wish he had kept me out of it, but what I don't get is why you'd suddenly have everything back. Wouldn't that mean you learned whatever he wanted you to see?"

Maybe it was dumb to bait him like this, and she didn't expect it to move him. But she wanted him to know that he couldn't just swoop in and use her. He showed her already how little he cared when he toss the ring aside. When he held a fing dagger to her neck made her bleed.

'Bang! Bang!' Was the sound of the fist against the front door, followed by a shouting whisper. "Brother! I know you are in there". Nicole shot Loki, that said why is your brother here?

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Now was the time to turn on the charm, "My darling, don't you feel it?" He came closer, his hands up since she still held tightly onto that silly little piece of glass. It'd do no harm, but she probably wasn't sure of that. He, of course, had to feign for a moment that it'd hurt him in order for her to likely feel safe enough for him to come closer. "You have power... Although you may not yet understand it." He did, in fact, possess all of Tom's memories, though they were more like a weird dream he'd experienced than memories. He could recall the moments they spent together; happy and carefree. A bright future was ahead of the two of them, they'd been thick as thieves had he not regains his power.

In that moment, Loki realized that she was right. It was likely the only reason at all that he'd been able to regain his memories and abilities was because he'd risked his life to save her. He had become a better person in his life as Tom. Still, he couldn't let go of the dream of ruling over Midgard. There was too much to let go of for that... His pride, for one. He felt a sting in his chest, "I could never be a hero." He spoke quietly, it was more of an utterance to himself than to her. But when he noticed she was listening, he lifted his voice a little louder, "At least, not in the sense that you think. My destiny is to rule. And if you can't understand that... It's only going to make life harder for you. Believe it or not, I would have made life easy for you. We could rule side by side, despite what you might think, I'm not completely heartless."

At the sound of banging on the front door, Loki jumped into high vigilance. He was out of energy and vulnerable. When he heard the sound of his brother's voice, he decided to make a run for the bedroom. It was probably foolish, but maybe he could pretend that he'd been reformed. That he learned the error of his ways, his brother would almost always fall for that. He ran into the bedroom quickly and slammed the door behind him, scrambling to lock it. His brother was powerful indeed, but lacked the intelligence that he had. He looked at the empty room feeling the wave of lovely memories flowing through his mind... the nights he spent with Nicole in his arms as they both fell asleep in this bed together. Some deep part of him longed for that king of connection still... But was the longing for connection stronger than his longing for power?

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Nicole shook her head at his question. She didn't feel any power. She felt terror and bunch of other emotions, but not power. When he stepped closer she didn't shout at him again, she reasoned that she was scared. Or maybe she was still cared, because as the glass game into contact with his chest, she dropped it before it could do any real damage.
'A fool, why was I reborn as an utter fool' The words ringing in her mind confused her for a moment. It didn't make any sense, was that him trying to mess with her?

Shaking off the phantom like voice, she needed to focus on the moment at hand. Here he was proclaiming he couldn't be a hero, yet he truly didn't realize the power at his finger tips could truly change the world. "But you could, Heroes live on forever. Kings fall, and frankly "Love", if ruling is what you insist on pursuing, I'm well aware you aren't the share the glory type." He had a chance to fully embrace redemption. He could be the hero of Earth. Women and Men alike would swoon over him. He had the ability with that mind of his to do so much, and frankly heroes were treated like Kings. Some even had more sway than actual Kings.

Before the conversation could keep going, Thor was at her door. Did he have a way to track his brother? Loki had fled to the bedroom and left her standing there looking a mess with a bleeding hand. Taking a deep breath, Nicole had to ask fast, she didn't know if he would break down her door to get to his brother. With her non bloody hand she took the second to wipe away the tears and compose her self. Then she turned to the closet by the door, and pulled out what was one of Loki's hoodies. Well she guess they were his now, they use to be before all of this. She didn't hesitate to pull it on over her ruined shirt, and shove the bleeding hand into the pocket. Then she opened the door.

Bounding into the apartment came through. "Brother, I have see the glorious news about your relationship. I am here to congratulate you. Do not worry, for my friends the Avengers are not here. Do not hide Loki, I am only here to visit you and your lovely lady". As Nicole closed her door after Thor entered, she had to wonder if just maybe all Asgard's were mad. Why would he march in here and proclaim he was alone. " Excuse me, what do you mean you are here to congratulate?" Nicole asked with a sense of fore boarding.

" It is over news, the wonderous heroic tale of how Loki saved his love and has become worthy. I have seen many a pictures of you two. Now Loki, come out and introduce me.

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Listening carefully through the thin door, Loki heard the thunderous voice of his elder brother... "Congratulate...?" He was confused, but he could use this to his advantage. If he could convince Thor and the Avengers that he had, indeed become worthy... they'd leave him alone. They wouldn't even suspect to watch him for possible uprising. His lips curled into a wicked smile and he went to the closet in the bedroom to find some of his... er... Tom's clothing. He stripped himself of his Asgardian armor as quickly as he could. He found a decent looking T-shirt and slid it over his head. It fit nicely, but it was his after all. He continued to smirk as he went to the bedroom door and unlocked it. He came out of the bedroom, still smiling.

"Brother..." He grinned, he couldn't help it. His brother was truly daft. "Forgive me, I'd assumed that you were trying to hunt me down and bring me back to Asgard as your prisoner!" He walked up to Thor and clapped his brother on the shoulder, much like Thor used to do it him. Although, it was a lot less painful for Thor than it was when Thor used to do it to Loki. He knew Thor liked that when Loki tried to be brotherly. "I've truly changed in my absence brother. For you see, Nicole is the love of my life!" It ended up seeming more theatrical and rehearsed than Loki probably meant it to, but Thor never could tell the difference between real life and acting.

Loki stood close to Nicole and swung his arm around her and held her close to his chest, as if to prove to Thor just how much he "loved" her. "My darling, this is my brother, Thor..." He smiled at her, but started to grip her very tightly. If she had any thoughts of betraying him and telling Thor the truth, he'd make her suffer a long, painful death. Or at least, a long and painful punishment. Something very, very horrible indeed. The grip was his warning to her, if she wanted him to spare her life, she'd better keep quiet. "Brother, this is my darling Nicole." He sighed, albeit dramatically, "We were just about to become engaged before the cafe was destroyed, you see... In the mad panic, I ended up dropping the ring. It was... so unfortunate." He pouted, it was clearly an act, but he was convinced Thor couldn't tell. Thor was just happy that his brother was alive and well, most likely.

"The poor dear was even injured during the wreck... see?!" He forcibly grabbed her hand from her pocket and held it out for Thor to see. He knew he was embarrassing her, but he didn't really care. He couldn't have been bothered with her emotions. He needed to sell this to Thor most importantly. "I have not the energy to heal her, I used much of it trying to save her life from the ceiling when it collapsed." He dropped her hand and used his free arm to swing it around her as well and he held her... squeezed her close to his chest and rested his head on top of hers. "It is certainly nice to see you again, brother." Loki even turned to Nicole and forced a kiss on her lips in a further attempt to convince his brother that all was well. "But we have had a terrible day.. We need rest."

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Nicole couldn't believe it, was Thor the dumbest Avenger. He was here to congratulate his brother on finding love. Did Thor forget that this supposedly love of his, was the same woman he held hostage and nearly killed today? Hopefully Loki would use this distraction to leave, there was a window in the bed room, it should be easy for him to get out. Then she would finally be safe and alone, right? What she didn't expect was him to come out in Tom's clothing and be friendly. The sight of him pretending to be Tom, pissed her off to no end. If it was showing on her face, Thor did not seem to notice. In fact, he seemed to be positively happy with his brother.

"Of course I forgive you brother. But do no worry, I am not here to take you prisoner. Father had order, that if you were ever to become worthy, your crimes would be forgiven and you'd be given a fresh start. Of course for now, I cannot bring you back to Asgard, but Mother and I will try to convince Father to life that ban."

She held her tongue as Thor proclaimed Loki had changed. Just a mere moments ago she was trying to convince him to embrace that change, but judging by the act she was about to witness he would have no such plans. It would be such a waste too. Very few people in life were ever offered a second chance, and he would throw it away. Just as she was about to consider ducking out of the room under the pretense of allowing them to catch up, she was being pulled close to Loki. What once was a simple gesture that gave her so much joy was now filling her with dread. When she was introduced to Thor, she could barely contain the wince as Loki gripped her tightly.

"Hello..". If she wasn't so sure Loki would have killed her right there, she would have punched him when he brought up the engagement and the lost ring. The very ring, he had tossed to the side. While Thor seemed to be eating up Loki's spiel and playing the role of the buffoon, in reality, he was sent there to get an idea on the situation before telling the Avengers. See they had all agreed to send Thor in to play the big oaf knowing that Loki thought so little of his brother, and wouldn't realize there was more to it. Sure Thor was happy that his brother was alive, and glad that he had proven his worthiness, but his Father had forgotten that without his memories Loki wouldn't have made that choice someone else would have. This punishment didn't offer the assurance that his brother would redeem himself. "That is very tragic indeed brother, you'll have to get another for Lady Nicole".

She didn't expect Loki to yank her injured arm out of pocket and show it off. She winced slightly, why on earth was he insisting on embarrassing her in front of his brother. She nearly tripped as he pulled her closer yet again, and rested his head ontop of hers. She stiffened this close to him, but tried to appear natural. It was hard when suddenly he was forcing a kiss on her. Well she didn't believe him, when he said that she had powers, but right now she suddenly wished it was true. She wanted to blast he through the heckin wall. How dare he! He can't just suddenly be someone else, tell her he wants nothing to do with her, expect hey let me use some gift I swear you have for evil and just maybe I won't kill you.

Thor of course seemed to play into Loki's bit. He didn't wait a minute to respond with of course brother, how could I forget. I will come see you and Nicole later. Do make sure to rest well. I will be off now, and let Mother know, I am sure she'd love to meet your love. And just like strike of lighting Thor left just as quick. He had even been kind enough to let himself out of the apartment. The moment Nicole heard the door click shut, she didn't want a moment. She shoved Loki away from her, glared at him and smacked him across the face with her good hand. Moving quickly, almost to quickly she away from him and around the couch.

She recalled Thor saying something about the news. Grabbing the remote she turned on the tv and turned on the news. "Jesus Christ,". She muttered angrily, as she realized the new story was about their love affair. Turning towards Loki, Nicole finally let out all the frustration and anger she was feeling. At that moment she didn't care if he killed her, because she was done. She had love, she had had a future, and now all that laid in ruins around her, and she was over it. [color=red][b]"You just have to freakin save me, and for what to torture me? You were given a chance that people die for, no, I'm not talking about being me with, you were given a fresh start, away from all you ever done, you got scott free, you could make whatever you wanted of your life, and here you are already to run right back to destruction of the world. And for what, some throne you spend the rest of your life trying to keep? So that you can embrace eternal loneliness? Because if that's what you want, I'm not going to help you. You might as well, go right into the kitchen, grab the first knife you see and do away with me"[.color][b/]
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Loki was relieved when Thor left, but at the same time, wasn't surprised that Thor believed his story. Loki let out a little chuckle, but before he could turn to Nicole and say anything, she'd slapped him. His head snapped to the side, but it did not hurt him. He simply craned his head back to center and placed a careful hand on his jaw. He couldn't help but laugh, she was determined, but it would do her no good.

"This is exactly why you humans are so weak!" He spat at her. He approached her menacingly, slowly walking around the couch to where she had run off to... he was tired of playing games with her, now he would force her into using her powers and he'd use them for his own gain. He wasn't going to try to reason with her anymore, it wasn't worth the time and effort it would take. "I won't kill you, but if you don't show me this power you possess by Odin's life I will make you suffer... So much more than you already have. When I'm through with you, you'll simply wish I had killed you."

He couldn't help but laugh, "You think you KNOW me? Just because we might have shared nights together and gone on fanciful holidays together? You act as though you know what I truly desire, but you have no idea what that is. What I desire most is a throne. No amount of love and no promise of a world without loneliness will change any of that!" He leaned down to her level, getting her face. "Now, it's obvious to me, you don't understand. I didn't understand what I was capable either when I first learned how to use and control my own power..." He brushed the back of his hand against her cheek gently, but it was only to toy with her emotions...

"At the end of one's life, we're all alone..." He looked into her eyes, not out of romance or anything, but rather, trying to scan what she was thinking. He was perceptive, but not a mind reader. "You think finding salvation will make me feel accomplished? You don't know me, darling." He laughed, he couldn't help it. She looked so weak, but it was clear that she had the potential to be extremely powerful if only he could figure out a way to release that power within her. "I've sacrificed too much to get this far... I won't let this little... footnote in story affect the course of my entire life." He huffed, backing away from her, he turned on his heels and walked out of the living room, leaving her alone near the couch.

"I rather like this, though..." He didn't turn to look at her as he spoke, it was almost as though he were talking to himself. "I'm not leaving your side until I learn more about this power you don't believe you have." With that, he walked into the bedroom and closed the door behind him.

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