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Donator — They/Them Posted 10 months ago ( 2021/08/22 19:16:31 )

@Rei Ann:
Okay cool, I'll check it out now!

Hmm. I think it'd probably work best if your character assumes that he has a different alias on Earth. Maybe we could just call him Tom? And pretend that Tom Hiddleston doesn't exist in this universe? I'll probably still call him Loki in my posts to make things less confusing to read, but I think your character could definitely refer to him as Tom until it's revealed (which is actually pretty quickly, oop) that Tom is actually Loki and Loki is ready to go off and take over the world. :D


Donator — She/Her Posted 10 months ago ( 2021/08/22 19:17:58 )
@Ava: That works for me. I always just also do that when I run the story in my head. I'm almost done with her post. It took me a lot more time on Dorothea's post.

Donator — They/Them Posted 10 months ago ( 2021/08/22 21:19:21 )

@Rei Ann:
I think it always takes more time on the first post because we're not too sure where to start off, but once there's a groove it all kinda flows more fluidly. :D


Donator — She/Her Posted 10 months ago ( 2021/08/22 21:20:40 )
@Ava: Exactly. But I've gotten both my mcu post out and the god one. It was a little shorter than I had planned. Do you have a hangout you post in normally or another place we can occ chat, I don't want to clog ur thread.

Donator — They/Them Posted 10 months ago ( 2021/08/22 21:56:02 )

@Rei Ann:
I was just thinking about that myself. I don't know if there's an OOC forum we could use or if we should just DM each other?

And hey, I don't mind a little bit of shorter posts, as long as it's not like one paragraph or one line. XD You're completely fine! I have plenty of details to work with!

I have a hangout, but I often forget to post there. XDDDD;;;
Here it is. :)


Donator — She/Her Posted 10 months ago ( 2021/08/22 22:01:03 )
@Ava: Yeah, I don't see an occ forum either. Which would be nice for planning events in rps, outside the writing part. WE can always pm. I'm gonna jump over to your hangout though. ^^
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Voltie Posted 8 months ago ( 2021/11/4 03:49:11 )

Hey there ^~^
If you're still looking for a partner, im very interested in a couple of of your RP ideas <3

I've been on and off of voltra due to work and lack of partners, but i do hope to get back into it.

Musician x Singer sounds really fun and more simple than trying to dive into one of your plots. I do love them though.

Donator — They/Them Posted 8 months ago ( 2021/11/4 04:06:56 )

Hello, hello!
I'm always looking for an RP partner! xD
I'm addicted to RP. xDDD

I'd love to do a musician x Singer RP with you!
Would you like to plan it out here? Or would you prefer to do it in DM? I'm cool with either way! (Although you might prefer to do it here so you can get some currency for each post? x3)


Voltie Posted 8 months ago ( 2021/11/4 04:13:43 )

Here is good x3

Just ping me so i don't forget? Im easily distracted and currently shopping to update my avi ^^'

I only have half of an idea to even get this started, so bare with me a bit xp

Did you have any ideas to bounce around on this one?

Donator — They/Them Posted 8 months ago ( 2021/11/4 04:20:26 )

Sounds good to me! ^_^

Oh, feel free to tell me your idea. I currently don't have many ideas to bounce around on this pairing.
We could probably do a romance, between a musician and a singer who are forced to work together due to some musical contracts or something by their record labels, or it could even be more simple than that... maybe a musician is in a coffee shop or something and finds a singer and decides that they want to write songs for this singer? There could be so much we could do with this one. :D
If you already have a character in mind, let me know! I don't have any characters in mind for this one, I'll have to create them on the spot!


Voltie Posted 8 months ago ( 2021/11/4 04:29:18 )

I wouldn't really call it an idea? Lol
I have an old oc i could use here though, and we could so use them meeting at a coffee shop.

She's young, not so much a child but in her mid twenty's and loves to sing.

Donator — They/Them Posted 8 months ago ( 2021/11/4 04:33:12 )

When I think of the coffeeshop idea, I am immediately thinking of something kinda like "A Star is Born". Mind you, I've NEVER seen ASIB, I just kinda thought that it would be cute to have a character walk into a coffee shop, hear this amazing voice on the open mic and fall in love with said voice and be like, "I want to make this person famous!" And then they kinda help this person by creating songs for them and helping them into the industry slowly and maybe they end up falling in love? I dunno!

I think that sounds like a great character for this RP!
I could create a character who's a musician then, probably some guitar or piano player who writes songs, but doesn't really sing, or maybe they do sing but they don't like the sound of their voice? Regardless, they want your character to sing their songs. :>
This sounds like a good jumping off point!


Voltie Posted 8 months ago ( 2021/11/4 04:39:58 )

I'm so happy! ^~^

I've never seen it either but it does sound cute to have that happen :3

Awesome! <3
I love either the piano or guitar, my girl might sing more soft-versed songs than others xp

I don't mind setting it up sincr i already have a character? Lol

Donator — They/Them Posted 8 months ago ( 2021/11/4 04:49:20 )

Ooo, I'm excited too! ^_^

And sure! If you want to set up, that's cool with me. :D
It'll give me a chance to work on my character. >3<;;


Donator — They/Them Posted 8 months ago ( 2021/11/4 06:12:25 )

I FINALLY set up my character profile. xD
Would you like to make the first post? Or should I?
I must warn you, I tend to make pretty long posts, so I might end up rambling a little bit. XDD


I'm Pea! (<---clicky please)

Voltie Posted 8 months ago ( 2021/11/4 15:22:35 )

Either way is fine, i won't be able to post anything until my lunch break unless we're really slow at work ^^'

Voltie — she/her Posted 3 weeks ago ( 2022/06/10 08:11:51 )

@Kory: Hello! Do you have a plot for the Governess x Master of the House? And for the Siblings one?
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