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Donator — They/Them Posted 12 months ago ( 2021/08/22 03:34:33 )

@Rei Ann:
Okay! Do you want me to make the MCU thread? I have all night to myself, so I can get to work on it now.
I'm also going to start working on my character profile for the GodxHuman RP, since I'll have to find a face claim. xD

Okay! Sounds good to me. :)


Donator — She/Her Posted 12 months ago ( 2021/08/22 03:39:22 )
@Ava: That would be great if you could. I also need a new faceclaim for the god x human one. Are we going to use human faces, or anime ones? I know I have a human faceclaim for the mcu, but I tend to use anime otherwise.

We don't have to do a major in depth profile. At most I was going to do something like this. Granted my human won't have powers, so it'll be even smaller.

Name: Isabella Clara Thomas
Alias: Element
Age: 27
Abilities: As Izzy is an ex Hydra agent, she is well trained in espionage and various weapons. She can speak many different languages. Her true power comes from her mutant abilities.
She can control some of the elements, but she can also create the element but it takes more of her energy and can wipe her out. In fact it makes her so weak to create the element, that she only does this if she has to.
♫Water♫ She can basically move water, to use it to fight people. Can’t not control the element frozen or in gas states.
♪Fire♪ She can wield fire to shot fire balls at people, stuff like that. She tends to flame up on accident if she gets super angry. More likely to happen if she gets super jealous. Cannot be burned by her own flame.
♫Earth/Plant♫ She can manipulate earth and plants to create solid objects. Or make plants grow by accident depending on certain emotional things. She can move the earth a little to, but like if it’s plant life or piles of dirt. Can’t make earthquakes.
♪Air/Wind♪ She is able to manipulate the wind in surrounding areas. This is one of the easier to control elements as she is constantly surrounded by air. She is unable to use the power deep underground or high up in the atmosphere due to the limit of air molecules. She mostly uses this power to push things or people, or uses it to project her voice/heighten her hearing abilities. She can’t fly with this power, but can like high jump/hover.
♫Healing Factor♫ Her injuries and wounds heal at an increased rate, her lifespan is prolonged Does not make her immune to diseases, and she can still get sick, it’s just harder for her to. This is a power that will eventually happens as her body hormone level balance out. Must mutants who powers are with them at birth, just hit with another later in life.
Job: Popstar, ex brainwash hydra agent hiding in plain sight.
Brief Personality: Determined, distrusting, charismatic, a fighter and protector.

Donator — They/Them Posted 12 months ago ( 2021/08/22 03:46:16 )

@Rei Ann:
Okay! I'll get to work on the MCU thread. I don't usually do much fancy stuff to my threads, since formatting isn't really something I'm good at, so it probably won't be very pretty, but I do like to post a little blurb about the RP and then post my character profiles.
I usually use human face claims, but anime ones work fine too. I'll probably create the thread and then you can claim a spot for your profile and I'll just copy whatever you do with my own character information. :)


Donator — She/Her Posted 12 months ago ( 2021/08/22 03:49:23 )

I don't mind using a human one. I'll just need to go find something for the god one. I will use a little formatting, but I won't go gaia on you.

Donator — They/Them Posted 12 months ago ( 2021/08/22 03:52:01 )

@Rei Ann:
Haha. Sounds good. Formatting scares me a little. xD;;
I'm looking forward to beginning our roleplays :D


Donator — She/Her Posted 12 months ago ( 2021/08/22 03:59:40 )
@Ava: I can't wait either. It might take me some time to set up the thread, as I need to find a good face and get my post typed out. But I'll try to get it out tonight, if I can.

Donator — They/Them Posted 12 months ago ( 2021/08/22 04:10:38 )

@Rei Ann:
Okay, sounds good. I'll be curious to see how you set up your threads. Probably a lot better than mine. ^^;;;
I'm not good at formatting, so I just post the blurb and I'm done with set up. xDDD


Donator — She/Her Posted 12 months ago ( 2021/08/22 04:16:08 )
@Ava: Well I am using some old format of mine, from older roleplays of mine. It's nothing to fancy. I'm not gonna pull out the completed stuff, because it takes too long. Heck, if you want to copy the formatting, you can.

Donator — They/Them Posted 12 months ago ( 2021/08/22 04:18:19 )

@Rei Ann:
Eee, formatting gives me the willies. *^*
I think I'd rather just keep things simple for myself, but if you want to use formatting, by all means, do so. :)


Donator — She/Her Posted 12 months ago ( 2021/08/22 04:20:05 )
@Ava: I'm trying to come up with a village name, should I use an existing ancient greek city? But like we can pretend it's different, aka multiverse it?

Donator — They/Them Posted 12 months ago ( 2021/08/22 04:28:14 )

@Rei Ann:
We can do whatever you want. :D Sometimes when I'm in a rut for names, I use a name generator online. You can probably find one for Greek or Greek sounding village names.


Donator — She/Her Posted 12 months ago ( 2021/08/22 04:32:48 )
@Ava: I was just going to use an existing, not as common one.

Also do you have the name of your god. I'm making a brief thread intro/plot explanation.

Donator — They/Them Posted 12 months ago ( 2021/08/22 04:37:38 )

@Rei Ann:
Hm, I'm sure that there are ways of finding some Greek village names out there! Probably a generator would still work, but you'd probably have to do some searching before finding one that fits!

I have been pondering names for a while, but I want to fashion my god after Apollo, so an A name fits best for him, I think. Or at least, having an A name would get me into the mind of an Apollo-like character. I think I will name him Aristide.


Donator — She/Her Posted 12 months ago ( 2021/08/22 04:48:00 )
@Ava: Perfect, that was all I needed for the blurb. Have you picked a face yet, I'm having major trouble there.

Here is the thread. It's late here, I may not get the first post out tonight.

Donator — They/Them Posted 12 months ago ( 2021/08/22 05:18:51 )

@Rei Ann:
I did manage to pick a face. :)
I'll probably also post my character profile tonight and my first post tomorrow... I'm working on like three or four different roleplays right now and I'm trying not to overwhelm myself. xD


Donator — She/Her Posted 12 months ago ( 2021/08/22 05:21:55 )

No worries. I have a partial first post written, but I am having trouble with a face. So I’ll finish the rest up tomorrow. Ttyl

Donator — They/Them Posted 12 months ago ( 2021/08/22 05:36:57 )

@Rei Ann:
Okay, sounds good! We can finish up tomorrow, then. :)
I'm sure it's probably super late for you! It's 9:36pm here in California and you're on the east coast, so it must be crazy late there. >A<

Take care!


Donator — She/Her Posted 12 months ago ( 2021/08/22 05:43:38 )
@Ava: A bit late. It’s midnight but I was so jazzed for the rps, I was wide awake. In case you want to get the first post out for the mcu, my girls name is nicole. No pressure to rush out but didn’t want to hold you back just in case. Have a good night.

Donator — They/Them Posted 12 months ago ( 2021/08/22 06:48:27 )

@Rei Ann:
I got too excited and went ahead and made my first post in our MCU RP.
I wanted to post a lot, I usually tend to make huge posts for my first post, but I also wanted to give you a chance to make a move too, so I left it a little short.

I'll see your response tomorrow or whenever you have time!


I'm Pea! (<---clicky please)

Donator — She/Her Posted 12 months ago ( 2021/08/22 17:48:39 )
@Ava: Sounds good to me. I finished my post for the ancient Greece style rp. Tried to give enough, to go off on. Let me know if it doesn't work.

For the MCU one, do I assume that Loki was going by Loki on earth, without memories of past life, and it's just treated like how odd, you have the same name and look like the guy who attacked the city, or did odin give him fake memories and name?
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