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Voltie Posted 5 months ago ( 2023/04/18 23:03:02 )
@Totalanimefan: LOL... yeah. There's NO WAY I'm visiting him at anything other than the dead of summer - it was still snowing there last week (and for all I know, it has snowed since)!!! XD @_@

... and yeah... and hour or maybe two is one thing. All day, in the middle of the day, is quite another. Again - some protection, of some kind, is pretty necessary. We've come a long, long way from slathering on the baby oil and sitting on the beach from sun-up to sunset!! XD


Voltie Posted 5 months ago ( 2023/04/19 13:00:08 )
Good morning everyone!
How are we doing today?
What are we doing today?


Donator — She/her Posted 5 months ago ( 2023/04/19 16:44:55 )

@Wildfire: As a kid, when I learned that older gens would sit out with baby oil and those metal sheets, I honestly thought that they were crazy. Like, did they like getting sunburn? I avoid it!
I saw that it was snowing in the middle of the country this week. That's just crazy to me. It's been nothing in 70's and 80's here still. It's making my brain think one of two things, it's June right now, or I'm in FL right now lol.


Donator — She/her Posted 5 months ago ( 2023/04/19 16:45:14 )

3 hours of meetings today, I know that's not a lot compared to others, but it is to me lol


Voltie Posted 5 months ago ( 2023/04/20 12:35:09 )
@Totalanimefan: LOL - I saw people doing it way back when. I never understood it, even then, in that environment (but again, I'm pale & if I "tan" at all, it's barely the shade of a (light) freckle XD ). The folks that did that essentially turned their skin in to leather. It was horrible... in so many ways.

It has been 70°s-80°s here this last week or so... gorgeous and "cool" for us, but far too warm for the Northeast at this time of year!

... stupid emergency alert system woke me up at 4:47am... for a freaking TEST. I am not a happy camper ATM... particularly since I didn't really fall asleep until at least 2:30 or so. /grumbles/


Voltie Posted 5 months ago ( 2023/04/20 12:40:56 )

Well... I was sick for the past two days but I'm 96% recovered now o/
Just partially lost my voice and have an annoying itchy throat

I think I'm well enough to get some things done around my home now or have my morning cup of


Voltie Posted 5 months ago ( 2023/04/20 13:29:07 )
@Purpsy: I'm glad you're feeling better!! :3


Voltie Posted 5 months ago ( 2023/04/20 14:47:02 )

@Wildfire: Ty ty my throat was dying :3
How are you today?


Voltie Posted 5 months ago ( 2023/04/20 15:20:16 )
@Purpsy: that's never a fun feeling. Glad you're feeling better now :3

I'm TIRED today and wondering if I'll make my appointment this afternoon (45 minutes away) because of lack of sleep. I only fell asleep at about 2:30 or so, to be woken up by an "emergency alert" on my phone at 4:47am... which turned out to be a TEST of the system. So, I'm tired, and cranky...


Donator — She/her Posted 5 months ago ( 2023/04/20 18:26:44 )

@Wildfire: Yeah that leathery skin is a look I don't want to have lol. I'm also very pale with my Irish and German heritage lol. My British husband is tanner! lol. Oh also it's going to be near 90 today and 89 or 90 tomorrow....what the heck, where am I living?
I saw that emergency thing on reddit today. That must have really sucked! I don't go back to sleep when I'm woken up in the morning. I can't believe they freaking had that test so early. Are they crazy?


Donator — She/her Posted 5 months ago ( 2023/04/20 18:27:12 )

@Purpsy: I'm glad you are feeling better!


Voltie Posted 5 months ago ( 2023/04/20 20:32:04 )
@Totalanimefan: Apparently the test was an "accident"... it was supposed to be on TV and not come through the phones. The voicemail for the Fl. Assoc. of Broadcasters was full as of early this morning, and social media accounts for them & Fl. Dept. of Emergency Management were covered in complaints/comments. I know because I tried calling, and I posted on their FB. Despite their attempt at "oops, it was a mistake", it looks like it was intentional according to the schedule for emergency testing that has been posted. But yeah... I was -am not!- a happy camper about that flub. I rescheduled some plans I had this afternoon because of being woken up with that stupid thing (and I'm glad I did) - I just didn't think it was a good idea to be driving across the county on 2 hours of sleep... along with everyone else who was woken rudely and earlier than expected... but not everyone has that option with their schedules and responsibilities. And, I shut the stupid thing off completely now (it was set for "severe/immediate life-threatening" warnings only... which this test definitely was not...)

ANYway... yeah... my ancestry hails partly from England... and from the rest of the mix, I definitely got the "lighter" genes...

According to Wunderground, it's 86°F here today... but, as you know, that's still "cool" because the humidity hasn't kicked in yet. Why the heck is DC warmer than central FL in mid-April?? o_0 If I remember correctly, it's supposed to be... like 50 or 60°F there about now!


Voltie Posted 5 months ago ( 2023/04/20 20:49:12 )

@Wildfire: Oh no :(
Is for good intentions but I'll be hella annoyed in your place as well. I hope you get at least a short nap later maybe after your appointment.

@totalanimefan: Thanks ^^
I'm glad and hope this is the last of this at least when fall arrives. The changing seasons can be such a pain to deal with.


Donator — She/her Posted 5 months ago ( 2023/04/20 21:56:18 )

@Purpsy: being sick over the summer when it’s hot out is awful. It makes you feel like you are gonna pass out.

@Wildfire: yes it should not be warmer here and yes it is supposed to be in the 50’s and 60’s around now. We are running on average something like 8-10 degree above average for the month.
I saw that too but still bro like how do you mess that up!! You gotta double check your work before it goes out lol


Voltie Posted 5 months ago ( 2023/04/21 13:51:02 )
@Purpsy: Yes, the overall intentions are good, but I had already limited the number of notifications to the "truly and immediately scary" ones because of how many seem to be sent out and how often... and then they flub a test at 4:45am. I shut it off. Maybe I'll turn it back on once they work out some kinks and we're in the middle of weather that might actually be life threatening.

I canceled my mid-afternoon appointment because of the lack of sleep, and it's a good thing because right about the time I would have been in the middle of it, I ended up falling asleep on the couch and taking a 30 minute nap. :3

So how are you? What are you working on these days?


Voltie Posted 5 months ago ( 2023/04/21 13:55:48 )
@Totalanimefan: ... in the meantime, it's still snowing in the midWest... XD Let's hope the weather evens out a bit over the next week or so... before the truly hot summer temperatures start making an appearance (which are never any fun but can be downright deadly in your area due to the general lack of air conditioning; although I imagine that's starting to change...) the very least, somebody didn't double-check their work and managed to get most of Florida really mad at them! XD


Donator — She/her Posted 5 months ago ( 2023/04/21 14:33:47 )

@Wildfire: I saw that. I think that's crazy that it's snowing in the mid-west and then 90 here. I don't live that far away from there, maybe like 1.5 hours on a plane.
I would like to experience some spring temps before it's summer. I love summer, but also spring up here is very beautiful! I'm lucky that I live in a new building with AC, but not everyone has AC.

I'm the type of person where I would have checked like 10 times over just to make sure. Too much anxiety not to lol


Voltie Posted 5 months ago ( 2023/04/21 15:10:38 )

@Wildfire: I'm curious one what alarms do you normally get there for? My guess would be tornadoes but where I'm from we don't need those sort of emergency alarms since we mostly dealing with snowstorms or blizzards. Had a few tornado alarms tho but the chance of them landing here are veeery slim

Awe was it important? At least you got the well deserve nap.

@Totalanimefan: Yeah that would be very annoying. Before I moved to Canada I often gotten sick around those times. Then again I was born on a very tropical island xD

Now I often get sick when the season changes...


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Donator — She/her Posted 5 months ago ( 2023/04/21 15:43:37 )

@Purpsy: I was also born in the tropics! I know about those summer colds and how much they suck!
I do mind myself more likely to get sick in Sept and I often used to in either Dec or Jan. :/
Last Sept I got a chest infection that turned into a bad ear infection and it was not good. I had to get on the plane more and my eyes hurt so badly. I couldn't hear out of one ear for like 12 hours and I went to the Dr. I was ok like 10 days later but it was really rough.

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Voltie Posted 5 months ago ( 2023/04/21 17:10:58 )
@Totalanimefan: Because the "alert" disappeared from my phone before my eyes could even focus enough to read it, I actually got up and tried finding what it was online and couldn't find anything, anywhere. I checked the weather for advisories & saw nothing. I checked the radar for freak storms. Nothing. I didn't hear anything or see anything going on outside. I checked social media to see if there was anything posted there. Nothing at that point. So what can you do at that point? /shrug/

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